Simple software to visualize complex timelines

With Preceden's easy-to-use interface and variety of customization options, you'll have everything you need to create clear timeline visualizations.

A simple, easy-to-use interface

Most other timeline software tools leave you scratching your head wondering where to click next. With Preceden, we’ve spent countless hours designing and redesigning the interface to make it as simple as possible while still giving you all the features you need to create a timeline with ease. In a survey of over 1,000 Preceden users, the top two words they used to describe how they use Preceden were "easy" and "timeline" and after trying Preceden, we think you'll see why.

No download required

Preceden is an online timeline maker which means you don't need to download any clunky software to create a timeline. Regardless of whether you need a timeline maker for Mac or PC, as long as you have a web browser you'll be able to use Preceden to make timelines.

Layers to organize your timeline

Layers allow you to keep your timeline organized by helping you group related events together. For example, in a project plan you might have one layer containing all events related to investor activity and another layer containing all events related to marketing and advertising. By grouping related events together in layers, your timeline will always remain clean and organized.

When you're ready to share your timeline, Preceden gives you a lot of options. You can...

  • Download your timeline as a printable PDF or as an image
  • Share your timeline with others using its URL
  • Enter presentation mode to focus on your timeline
  • Embed your timeline in other websites
  • Export your timeline as a CSV or Excel file

More Features

Here's what you can expect when you try Preceden.

Drag and Drop

Change an event's dates or move it up and down on your timeline by dragging and dropping it.


Preceden will display all of your events on the timeline by default, but you can easily select a period of time on your timeline to zoom into it.


With our connections feature you can visually connect events on your timeline to show their relationship.

Bulk Editor

Add events one at a time or take advantage of our bulk editor to add multiple events quickly.


Effortlessly make one or multiple events start when another event ends.


Invite as many people as you want to view and edit your timeline.

Privacy Controls

Control who can see your timeline by making it public, private, password-protected, or accessible only via a secret URL.

Percent Complete

For project planning timelines, display the status of events by indicating what percent complete they are.


Add a legend to your timeline to inform viewers what the colors you've chosen represent.

Spreadsheet Import

Prefer to enter data in a spreadsheet? No problem! Use our CSV/Excel import feature to bulk-add events to your timeline.


Use our image upload tool to add your own images or search the web for creative commons photos to display on your timeline.


Use the default white background or choose from one of our other 9 professional color themes.


Personalize the appearance of your timeline by adjusting the date format, the scale, the font, the style of the layers and events, and much else.

Event Color Palettes

By default Preceden will automatically pick great-looking colors for your events, but you can easily choose custom ones.

Approximate Dates

Preceden lets you specify that an event has an approximate start and/or end date and will display it accordingly on your timeline.


Instead of choosing a specific date for an event to end, you can simply specify "3 weeks" (for example) and Preceden will calculate the end date for you.

Optional End Dates

For events with an end date, Preceden will display a bar on your timeline. For those without an end date, Preceden will display an icon.


From standard shapes to social media logos, choose from over 120 icons to represent events on your timeline.

Date Picker

Use our date picker to quickly select a date, or type it in for greater control over the format.

Time Support

In addition to dates, you can also specify times for even more control over when events start and end.

BC Dates

For those of you creating history timelines, Preceden supports entering BC dates.


Add additional information about events, layers, and the timeline itself by adding notes to them.


Draw attention to important events by marking them as milestones which makes Preceden display a long vertical line on its date.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Preceden offers a variety of keyboard shortcuts to minimize how much you have to use your cusrsor to navigate the interface.

Search & Filter

Quickly filter your timeline by text or tag using Preceden's built-in search tool.


Effortlessly duplicate timelines and events to save yourself repetetive time.


Detailed information about all of Preceden's features in our comprehensive support docs.