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Preceden helps me organize all of the work being done across the company to bring a product to market. No other timeline maker out there has been as easy to use to structure the schedules for our teams and paint a clear picture for executives. It saves me time and helps improve communication across the board... I've been waiting for a tool like this for years!
- Nick Maselli, Business Operations Lead, Comcast

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“My favorite thing about Preceden is that it helps me get a really good overview of a historical period because it lets me make such flexible timelines. I've discovered links between events I had never even thought about.”
- John Maar
“I love the simplicity of making and embedding timelines! Also, the layers are perfect for our organization. The timelines are easy to understand and make, the interface is very solid.”
- Tom Brett
“I love the ability to insert events as a collaborative process--class assignment or group assignment. Very cool.”
- Don Ragan, history teacher
“I was thrilled to stumble across Preceden, a web-based timeline creator. With a few clicks you can make an interesting timeline that includes links and privacy controls. The timelines are interactive — just click and drag to advance or recede — and can even be printed.”
- Creative Pro, Graphic Designer
“Creating a timeline is an important part of writing and is made much easier and simpler with Preceden. Thank you very much!”
- Mougly Singer, author
“The fact that Preceden offers layers puts it miles ahead of other timeline apps that I’ve seen.”
- Chris M, project manager
“I wish my students’ supply lists included an account on Preceden instead of "paper, pens, etc."”
- Ryan Malany, Principal
“I love the service! Shocking that the desktop timeline apps I’ve used just aren’t as flexible or readable as this.”
- Vlad, Technical Coordinator

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