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Preceden helps me organize all of the work being done across the company to bring a product to market. No other timeline maker out there has been as easy to use to structure the schedules for our teams and paint a clear picture for executives. Preceden saves me time and helps improve communication across the board... I've been waiting for a tool like this for years!
- Nick Maselli, Business Operations Lead, Comcast
I am very impressed with Preceden and am shocked there are no real competing solutions out there that provide this functionality. In my organization we often preach the benefits of systems thinking but seldom provide any means for stakeholders to see themselves in the larger system at play. Preceden provides that capability, making it incredibly easy for a lead to post an integrated timeline to the team. Make no mistake, this is not an online Gantt chart, but a top-down view of phased activities and critical milestones that ensure everyone is aware of other program stream activities. I highly recommend Preceden to any program or project manager who values clear communications as a key ingredient to success.
-Michael Oas, President, Communicating IT Inc

Everything you need to create the perfect timeline

A simple, easy-to-use interface

Most other timeline makers leave you scratching your head wondering where to click next. With Preceden, we've spent countless hours designing and redesigning the interface to make it as simple as possible while still giving you all the features you need to create the perfect timeline. In a survey of over 1,000 Preceden users, the top two words they used to describe how they use Preceden were easy and timeline and after trying Preceden, we think you'll see why.

Layers to organize your timeline

Layers allow you to keep your timeline organized by helping you group related events together. For example, in a project plan you might have one layer containing all events related to investor activity and another layer containing all events related to marketing and advertising. By grouping related events together in layers, your timeline will always remain clean and organized.

Effortless sharing

When you're ready to share your timeline, Preceden gives you a lot of options. You can...

  • Download your timeline as a printable PDF or as an image
  • Share your timeline with others using its URL
  • Embed your timeline in other websites
  • Export your timeline as a comma-separated value (CSV) file

Fully customize the appearance of your timeline so that it looks just right

Whether you want to display event dates directly on the timeline, change the font size, or show a vertical line representing today's date, Preceden provides many different ways to customize the appearance of your timeline to meet your needs.

Preceden is perfect for my studies in college. The layers and color options allow me to see the historical context of an event at a glance. The collaboration feature makes it even more powerful because I can build complex timelines with my fellow students. Preceden is a fast, easy-to-use, and well-designed timeline maker. Highly recommended.
- Miloš Gavrić, German Studies and Culture student, University of Amsterdam
I use Preceden extensively for my AP World History class. The course is broken into six time periods and I have the students create a timeline for each period where they include the major events, the cause and the effect of the event, and why they chose that event. My students love Preceden because it is so easy to use and helps to visually see what we talk about in class. I love it because I can grade their timelines easily and tell who is understanding the material and who may need more help.
- Nick Elliott, Social Studies Teacher, Woodmont High School
Preceden has proven an extremely useful tool for both organizing and displaying data for my dissertation research. The simple-to-use interface offers the exact functionality that I need without distractions.
-Melissa Sinclair, PhD Candidate, George Mason University
Preceden is exactly what I have been looking for to create beautiful and informative timelines for my projects and business. It's a much more user-friendly version of gantt charts without having to use more advanced project management tools if you are looking for a quick and easy way to create and share timelines.
- Aliya Amershi, CEO,


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  • 1 timeline with a max of 5 events
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After upgrading, if you aren't able to create a timeline that you absolutely love then we don't want your money. Simply email us and we'll refund 100% of your money within 30 days. With thousands of upgrades purchased since launching in 2009, we have less than a 1% refund rate and after trying Preceden we think you'll see why.

So, who's behind this?

Hey, I'm Matt Mazur, the creator of Preceden. As a former project manager in the US Air Force, I spent countless hours creating timelines in Excel and PowerPoint to manage my projects and to keep my leadership informed about our progress. After seeing many of my peers struggle to create professional timelines as well, I decided to create Preceden to make creating timelines a breeze.

If you have any questions or I can help in any way, don't hesitate to drop me an email. Thanks for checking Preceden out!

Matt Mazur

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