I decided to go with Preceden because it was straight to the point, a simple user-friendly tool that makes creating timelines a breeze.

Josemaria "Chema" Mora

Owner and project consultant, La Bodega de Chema

Brewer and Beer Business Consultant Needs to Create Detailed Timelines Fast

Josemaria is a Costa Rican who fell in love with American craft beer while studying in the United States. He returned home to San Jose with a mission: to boost craft beer availability and appreciation in his home country.

Today, he runs La Bodega de Chema, a beer education facility where visitors can sample local and imported craft beers, buy home brewing supplies, and attend brewing seminars. Josemaria also works as a consultant for entrepreneurs who want to open breweries and brew pubs.

From permit processing to brewing the first batches of beer, Josemaria helps these new ventures with every step of the process. "There are a lot of moving parts," he says. "Having a clear roadmap for clients is critical."

Like any good consultant, Josemaria prioritizes creating detailed contracts to show his clients exactly what they can expect and when. Including visual timelines in these contracts helps ensure that he and his clients are on the same page in terms of project scope and schedule. But without the right tools, creating such timelines takes a lot of time and effort. Josemaria was wary of being dragged away from core project tasks. He started looking for a timeline maker that was quick and easy to use, so he could spend his time applying his expertise, not designing contracts. He knew finding a tool that would make project information simple to view and understand was key to satisfying his customers.

Planning Projects is a Breeze with Preceden’s Simple Interface and Helpful Features

When he found Preceden after searching online, he was immediately impressed with its ease of use. "I decided to go with Preceden because it was straight to the point, a simple user-friendly tool that makes creating timelines a breeze."

Since Preceden is designed to get users up and running right away, it has helped Josemaria meet his goal of spending less time on contract creation and more time on project deliverables. "The tool is very intuitive and quick," he says. "It contributes to a more efficient use of my time."

Josemaria discovered that while Preceden is streamlined, its organizational features are powerful enough to help him communicate clearly about complex projects. For example:

  • Color coding helps him organize his timelines and show clients how events are related, with little extra effort. "I like that Preceden remembers the last colors I used so I have quick reference to them," he says.
  • Layers help him make complex timelines look organized and presentable.
  • The ability to link events and create dependencies helps him show clients which project milestones depend on client contributions, outside vendors, and so on.
  • Since all the timelines are in the cloud, it’s easy to give clients online access. That way, they can view and print the timelines whenever they want.

Preceden’s Timelines Keep Clients Happy and Projects Running Smoothly

Preceden has helped Josemaria improve customer satisfaction through clear and precise communication—with minimal extra work. "By including a timeline that shows a detailed scope of work in the contract, I set the exact expectations that I’m going to fulfill, increasing client satisfaction with my consulting services," he explains.

And Preceden is so practical and user-friendly, he’s found several other uses for the app, such as:

  • Creating yearly travel plans
  • Tracking hourly event details
  • Scheduling consulting meetings
  • Creating payment plans for clients

Some tools offer timeline creation as an additional feature but require a huge time investment to get started. But Josemaria says Preceden is different. Far from being a distraction from his real work, Preceden helps him get things done faster and with fewer bumps along the way. "It really has improved my organizational skills," he says.

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