About Preceden

In the late 2000s while serving as a project manager in the Air Force, Matt experienced firsthand how difficult it was to create professional project timelines. His unit even had a project manager whose full time job was to painstakingly create timelines in PowerPoint for the unit's busy leadership to present during team meetings. To make this process easier, Matt decided to build Preceden.

Today Preceden (pronounced liked the word "precedent") is one of the web's most popular timeline makers and has been used by hundrends of thousands of people to create great-looking timelines.

Why We're Here

Our goal is make creating professional timelines a breeze. Whether you're a busy project manager creating a high-level roadmap of a multi-year project or a college student researching a historical era, we want Preceden to be your timeline maker tool of choice.

The Team

Matt Mazur, Founder

Matt is a former Air Force officer turned engineer who loves building and growing software businesses. When he's not working on Preceden, he enjoys reading, wrangling his three young kids, and playing poker.

Liesl Martin, Head of Support

Liesl is a former teacher, coach, and athletic trainer. She received her bachelor's in athletic training and her master's in education. When she isn’t busy assisting Preceden users she loves playing with her four young kids and being outdoors.

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