Preceden is great at just one thing—creating timelines. The developer has spent a lot of time thinking through the use cases, and the results are excellent.

Paul S

Project Manager, Digital Transformation

A Project Manager Seeks a Timeline Maker to Keep Everyone on Track

Paul is a project manager for a healthcare provider serving 365,000 people in North East England. His job is to help his company put in place digital solutions that improve internal processes and patient care.

Managing the adoption of digital tools in the rapidly changing healthcare industry requires careful communication. Paul needs to make sure clinicians, administrators, and managers are on the same page about project plans and progress. Because not all project participants are comfortable with technical language, visual timelines are key to keeping everyone informed.

Paul needed a tool that produced great-looking, easy-to-read timelines quickly. But other timeline makers he tried were difficult and time-consuming to use. “Preparing timelines in other tools just takes too long, and the results are often disappointing and difficult to update,” he says.

Paul found that even when he was able to create a timeline smoothly using other tools, it took a lot of extra work to format the timeline to make it presentable. He says other timeline makers produced timelines that were “unattractive on a screen and unreadable in a report.” Since Paul shares project timelines with up to 30 people, that was a big problem.

Preceden Helps Paul Create and Share Timelines Quickly and Easily

After searching online for a timeline maker that would meet his needs, Paul found Preceden and decided to sign up for a free trial. He quickly realized that with Preceden, he could create a complicated timeline in just a few minutes—a real time-saver for a busy project manager.

He was impressed by how Preceden perfectly met his need for a timeline maker, without a complicated interface filled with unnecessary features. “Preceden is great at just one thing—creating timelines,” he explains. “The developer has spent a lot of time thinking through the use cases, and the results are excellent.”

Paul especially appreciates the ability to create many layers on a single timeline with Preceden. Layers let users display information about different aspects of a project in a stack, so they can see how everything relates to the chosen timeframe. Paul uses layers to produce status reports, so the whole team knows where each project is compared to where it should be.

Preceden Produces Impressive Results at Work and Is Simple Enough to Take Home

Bringing digital solutions to healthcare requires bridging a lot of gaps. People with a wide range of technical ability need a shared vision and a way to communicate about projects.

Timelines help Paul make the big picture visible so participants understand their roles and know what to expect. And Preceden cuts down on the time and effort Paul spends creating these essential tools, freeing him up to focus on other aspects of project management.

Preceden’s simple and elegant output makes planning documents and status reports look terrific, and Paul’s co-workers have noticed. “My manager loves the professional output and has asked the other project managers to take a look at Preceden,” he says.

And Preceden’s interface is so inviting and intuitive, Paul even uses it outside of work to keep personal projects on track.

If you’re looking for an easy way to share professional-looking timelines with your team members, try Preceden for free today.