AACreate a Visual Timeline About Any Topic

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Create, customize, and share impressive timelines with the web's most intuitive timeline maker

Create timelines for any type of project

Since launching in 2010, Preceden has helped more than 700,000 people create timelines for a wide variety of use cases including project management, legal cases, class projects, research, fiction writing, and much more.

Create timelines for any type of project

Generate with AI or build from scratch

You can use our free AI timeline maker tool above to generate a timeline for you or you can sign up for an account to create a timeline from scratch. Timeline Maker AI works best for well-known historical events, but can serve as inspiration for other types of timelines as well. Learn more about Timeline Maker AI.

Generate with AI or build from scratch

Share your timeline in a variety of ways

When you sign up for Preceden, you'll be able to share & export your timeline with a link, PDF, image, HTML embed, PowerPoint export, spreadsheet, presentation mode, and more.

Share your timeline in a variety of ways

Advanced features for power users

With dependencies, percent complete, milestones, bulk editing, timeline templates and more, you'll have everything you need to create a professional timeline, roadmap, or Gantt chart.

Advanced features for power users

Everything you need to create professional timeline visualizations

Here are just a few of the things you can do with Preceden

Drag and Drop

Reposition events in seconds to adjust how your timeline is organized.


View all events at once or zoom in to focus on a specific date range.


Tie key events together by visually connecting them on your timeline.

Bulk Editor

Add events one at a time or use the bulk editor to add multiple events quickly.

Time Support

Specify specific times for when events started and ended for more granular timelines.

Privacy Controls

Control who can see your timeline by making it public, private, password-protected, or accessible via a secret URL.


Upload images or search the web for creative commons photos to display on your timelines.


Choose from one of our themes to customize the appearance of your timelines.

Approximate Dates

Mark event dates as approximate to signal to viewers that the exact date is unknown.

Search & Filter

Filter events in your timeline with Preceden's built-in search tool.

Optional End Dates

Visualize events as a bar (for events with an end date) or as an icon (for events without an end date).


Choose from over 4,600 icons to better convey what events represent.


Add additional details by adding notes about events, layers, and the timeline itself.

BC Dates

Create timelines that take place in the future, present, or distant past.

Date Picker

Use our date picker to quickly select a date or type it in for greater control over the format.

What customers are saying about Preceden

As a project manager I need to make a lot of timelines to communicate plans and progress to clinicians, administrators, and managers. Creating timelines in other tools just takes too long, and the results are often disappointing and difficult to update. With Preceden I can visualize a complex project plan in minutes, share it with my team and stakeholders, and keep it updated as the project progresses. Read More

Paul S

Paul S

Project Manager, Digital Transformation

One of the greatest benefits of Preceden's timeline maker software is when I use a timeline in a contract for a new client. By including a timeline that shows a detailed scope of work in the contract, I set the exact expectations that I’m going to fulfill, increasing client satisfaction with my consulting services. The timeline creator and timeline templates are very intuitive and quick, so it contributes to a more efficient use of my time. Read More

Josemaria "Chema" Mora

Josemaria "Chema" Mora

Owner, La Bodega de Chema

I settled on Preceden as it is more about compiling information in multiple layers with a lot of capacity for text. I was not interested in a 'more show than go' product that looked like elementary students might use it. I am more interested in Preceden’s organizational features and storing lots and lots of notes. This is not a toy. Preceden's timeline creator is for serious scholarship. Read More

Ed Vermue

Ed Vermue

Special Collections Librarian, Oberlin College Library

Preceden lets us see an overview of what’s happening in sales, marketing, production, and R&D. By visualizing all of the moving parts, Preceden helps us identify any gaps and plan accordingly.

Guillaume Fouquet

Guillaume Fouquet

Marketing Manager, FullSave

I tried several other timeline makers and they were all very complicated. Preceden is extremely intuitive. There are a lot of project management tools out there but I didn’t need such a heavy solution for presenting our roadmap to the team. Read More

Paul Geler

Paul Geler

President, AHK Solutions

Preceden's timeline creator makes it incredibly easy for a project lead to post an integrated timeline to the team. I highly recommend Preceden as a project management tool for anyone who values clear communications as a key ingredient to success.

Michael Oas

Michael Oas

President, Communicating IT Inc

As a freelance musician, Preceden allows me to see all of my long-term commitments at a glance. I keep a timeline posted on my fridge, so I can easily gauge my level of availability for gigs and projects at any time over the year. Not only does using this beautiful tool prevent overcommitment, but having a visual cue in my environment helps me focus and prepare long before my upcoming deadlines.

Karl James Pestka

Karl James Pestka

Composer and Violinist

My job requires me to maintain complete awareness of hundreds of current customer contracts and ensure that none fall through the cracks and expire unexpectedly. Preceden allows me to quickly and easily stay on top of every contract's expiration date in a very easy to read and customizable format. It saves me hours of time every month!

Rick Lombardi

Rick Lombardi

Health Care Contracting Director, Johnson & Johnson