European empires and conflict



The Crusades

War of Scottish Independence

Byzantine-Ottoman wars

Hundred Years' War

Thirteen years' War

Italian wars

Habsburg-Valois Wars

French wars of Religion

Eighty years' War

War of the Portugese succession

Anglo-Spanish War

Nine years' War (Ireland)

Thirty years' war

English civil War

Anglo-Dutch wars

Franco Dutch war

War of the League of Augsburg

Great Northern War

War of the Spanish Succession

War of the Austrian Succession

Seven years' War

French Revolution

French Revolution

Napoleonic Wars

Peninsular War

Polish-Russia War

Italian Independence Wars

Franco-Prussian War

World War 1

Russian Civil war

World War 2

Cold War

Iraq War



Roman Empire

Byzantine Empire

Kingdom of Galicia

Holy Roman Empire

Portugese Empire

Austrian Monarchy

Tsardom of Russia


Dutch Empire

Kingdom of Prussia

Kingdom of Sardinia

Russian Empire

Austrian Empire

Kingdom of Bavaria

Kingdom of Westphalia

Italian Colonial Empire


Russian Soviet Republic


Nazi Germany

Russian Federation

Other events

Middle Age

Capetian Dynasty

House of Bourbon

House of Valois

Ruled as kings

Peasant's Revolt

Habsburg Rule

Ferdinand II

Columbian Exchange

Early Modern Period

Modern Era

The Great Depression