Geological Timeline.Gage

Geologic Events

Minerals Formed In Volcanic Eruption

470000000 BC

Metamorphism Formed Gneiss

378000000 BC

Pressure of mountain building lead to lineation and fractures.

Final Assembly Of Pangea

280000000 BC

The super continent that was made up of all continents connected at once. Pangea later split apart because of plates shifting.

Basalt Dikes Intrude Into Bedrock

200000000 BC

When Pangea started to split cracks formed in rocks, melted Basalt would file the cracks and harden to create Basalt Dikes.

Rocky Mountains Form

80000000 BC

Large mountain range forms in western United States stretching from Washington to lower California.

Last Glaciers Form In Maine

30000 BC

The last of a long line of glaciers in northern Maine, after these glaciers melted no others would form in Maine for a long time.

Glaciers Dissapear From Maine

12000 BC

The last glaciers that had formed in Maine melted and disappeared forever.

Living Organism Events

Early Shelled Organisms

544000000 BC

Early Fish

490000000 BC

Early Land Plants

450000000 BC

First Insects

400000000 BC

First Dinosaurs

215000000 BC

First dinosaurs walked the earth and became extinct around 69 million years ago from today.