English language timeline


English language: timeline

The Romans

43 B.C. - 450

43 B.C: Romans invade the British Isles.
They rule them for 400 years

Anglo-Saxons: Old English

449 - 1065

449 a.D. Germanic tribes (Angles, Saxons and Jutes) begin to arrive.
Basis of Old English
597: St. Augustine & christian missionaires (more latin words)
789: Vikings. Danish invasion. New words from Norse

Normans: English or French?

1066 - 1450

1066: Normans invade Britain. For over 300 years, French is the language of powerful people.
1337-1450: 100 Years War. French becomes the language of the enemy

Renaissance and so on: new age for English

1476 - 1900

1476-1650: Renaissance. Caxton introduces the printing press in Britain.
1700: Dictionaries, Grammars
1760-1880: Industrial revolution. Newly coined words

The present: English becomes an adult

1900 - 2013

1st and 2nd World Wide Wars.
Technological transformation
The Internet.