2013 [MES] Mage the Awakening Chronicle


Age 10

November 3, 2000

Age 11

August 12, 2001

Age 14

September 27, 2004

Age 17

April 25, 2007



August 1, 1990

Born John Jason Jackson, he began life humbly.


November 3, 2000

John stole his first car, and took it for a spin around LA. Didn't get caught.

Joyride, part Deux

August 12, 2001

Again, John stole a car. This time around, the cops realized the 11 year old shouldn't be driving under the influence of pixie sticks


August 18, 2001 - October 29, 2001

John was the 'guest' of the California Juvenile legal system...Learned several valuable life skills while in the joint.

Joyride part again.

September 27, 2004

John was threatened with his family's safety should he not deliver a car. This marks the first time he didn't return it after his ride.

He got caught, again, and spent a more significant amount of time behind bars.

Lockup: the Return!

October 10, 2004 - August 1, 2008

Spent the last 4 years of his childhood in lockup after the grand theft auto.

Mage Stuff


April 25, 2007

While driving a stolen car, John was driven off the road, and hurtled over a cliffside.

After crashing, John pulled himself from the car, looking around the darkness of Pandemonium. He walked the path, seeing images of his mind playing out before him, showing him how he ended up where he was. Careening off a cliff to his death.

At the end of his path was a tower, made of iron, shaped as a clenched gauntlet. He thought about being atop the tower, and he was. He saw uncountable names etched into the side of the fingers that made up the gauntlet.

He traced his finger along the iron, and his name appeared. And then he was back atop the cliff, watching the stolen car hit the bottom, causing it to disappear in a massive fireball.

Ponce Anniversary Gathering

June 21, 2009

Become Reality Stalker

June 1, 2010 - August 30, 2010

Arcturus, as John is now called, meets Saul Hightower, who is impressed with his abilities, and tutors him into evolving his soul to join the Reality Stalkers legacy.