Heinrich 'Pub' Beirmann

Mortal Life



Attends High School

08/07/1993 - 01/01/1995

Culinary School

01/01/1995 - 10/04/1997

Drops out of High School


Heinrich drops out of High School to begin attending Culinary School.

In the Wyrd

Taken by the Fae

10/04/1997 - 02/29/2000

Commissions for Work

Finds Work

03/01/2012 - 06/30/2012

After wandering around after escaping Arcadia, Pub briefly finds work at a bar called the Dragon's Breath. The Bar is run by a local Draconic (Jesse Benge) changeling in Washington DC. After producing several kegs of beer he disappears as quickly as he arrived.

Caters an Octoberfest/Halloween Festival


Ties still in progress

Dinner for Two


By happenstance, Pub crosses paths with Shawn Orion Kuyper, of the Summer Court and Magdaline Piper, of the Autumn Court. In exchange for helping him obtain a specific goblin fruit on the island, he agrees to cook them both a fabulous dinner.

Drink Course:
Hedge Cacao and Devilheart Pepper infused Beer chilled with Ice from the Underworld River Hvergelmir
Cocorange and Blushberry Julep with Wyrd Extracted Essence of Mint

Appetizer Course:
Pit Moss salad with Diced Bitter Almonds, and a Dressing made from Shadowtree Sap and the Memories of a Summer Storm

Main Course:
Roasted Bramble Boar basted in its own Dying Breath

Dessert Course:
Dream-a-Dupe Compote with Cinnimon infused Sweetblood

BloodStorm Brew

05/01/2013 - 05/31/2013

After getting a comission from Dr. Sebastian Quartermass, Pub creates a masterful keg of beer called the BloodStorm Brew. It pours thick with a deep ruby color, as what appears to be small streaks of lightning fall through it. Tiny flecks of light dance within it, lighting up its opaque depths.