End of Cold War and the Start of Globalization


Ronald Reagon President

1981 - 1989

Sandra Day O'Connor


-First women supreme court member.
-Appointed By Regen

Isreal Invades Lebinon


-The US gets caught between two friends.
-The US sends in marines to stop the fighting.
-Marines get killed by terrorists

George H.W. Bush President

1989 - 1993

Berlin Wall Fals


Official end of the cold war and the start of the collapse of the soviet union.

Tinanman Square


People started to protest soviet power in China. China tried to stop it with force. Bush got blamed for not doing anything even though he couldn't do anything.

Apartheid Ends in S. Africa


-British control is stopped in S. Africa.
-Nealson Mandela did most of the work along with FW De Clerck
-Happened during bush, but he didn't get credit.

Bolis Yelsih


-First Elected President of Russia.
-End of Communism in Russia.
-Happened during Bush, but he didn't get credit.

Soviot Union Splits Apart


-Ended the soviet control in countries.
-Lead to a lot of disputes over land in some countries.
-Official end of the Soviet Union.

Bill Clinton President

1993 - 2001

Bradly Bill


-Regulations on pistols and ban on assault rifles.
-Happened in response to Regen and his adviser getting shot.
-Very Liberal

Limited Welfair


-Very Conservative
-You can only get unemployment welfare for 2 years.
-Helped balance out Clinton liberal tendencies.

I was Born


Monica Lewinsky


-Clinton's affair with his secretary.
-Wasn't technically legal but he lied under oath and that is what got him.
-Wasn't impeached, The vote was 45-55

Regon, Good Or Bad?

Regen did a lot of things in his presidency and one could argue either way on if he was a good or bad president. Over all I think he was a bad guy.
-Trickle Down Economics did not work at the time because all the money that the rich saved went strait to other countries that they outsourced to for factories.
-His tax Cuts and Increase in defense did help end the cold war, but also plunged our economy into a huge deficit.
-He cut back regulations on business which rely hurt safety and environment standers. It also Created a stock Bubble.