Rome Timeline


Legend of Romulus and Remus

753 bc

Rome becomes a republic

509 bc

Creation of Bronze Tablets

451 bc

Defeat of Romans by Vistigoths

410 bc

Roman rivalry with carthage leads to Punic Wars

264 BC

Romans rule entire Italian peninsula

264 bc

Second Punic War

221 bc - 202 bc

Rome destroys Carthage ending the Third Punic War

149 bc

Gracchi is elected Tribune

133 bc

First Triumvirate is created

60 bc

Death of Crassus

53 bc

Caesar becomes dictator

45 bc

Roman republic ends

44 bc

Time of Pax Romana

31 bc - 180 ad

Reign of Augustus

27 bc - 14 ad

Augustus becomes emperor

27 bc

Birth of Jesus

1 ad

Romans conquer Judea

6 ad

Paul spreads Christianity among non-Jews

45 ad - 62 ad

Paul travels to spread Christianity

45 ad - 62 ad

Destruction of Pompeii

79 ad

Death of Marcus Aurelius

180 ad

People abandon farms as plague spreads through the empire

250 ad - 295 ad

Constantine constructs his Triumphal Arch near the Colosseum

312 ad - 315 ad

Roman capital moved to Byzantium renamed Constantinople

330 ad

Romans adopt Christianity

392 ad

Roman Empire is divided both regions have capitals

395 ad

Western Empire abandons Britain

407 ad

Vandals attack Rome

455 ad

Last Roman emporer deposed

476 ad