Gabbie Gatz - US History Timeline

For Mr. Bauer's 2nd pd class


Cesar Chavez & United Farm Workers Organizing Committee


Cesar Chavez believed that fruit and vegetable farm workers were working for too little pay and low benefits. As a result, he created the UFWOC in 1966, to protest peacefully agents these unfair wages. This organization started to encourage the boycott of Californian grapes across the country. Eventually, a contract was made and they earned their higher wages.


August 1969

Woodstock was a 3- day festival celebrating the 60's movement of peace and love. During this festival, the most popular bands and musicians preformed. Despite the large crowd, the event was peaceful and organized.

1st Earth Day

April 22 1970

On Earth Day, nearly every school in the nation held some type of environmental- awareness event to help educate people about pollution and toxic wast.
This celebration continues on to this day.

Detente & Nixon visits China


By going to China, Nixon was officially recognizing China as a communist country and hoped to make a agreement with China. By doing this, he took advantage of China's poor relationship with the Soviet Union. While meeting with the Leader of China, they had agreed to never dominate the Pacific Ocean and participate in cultural and scientific exchanges. Nixon's success in China was thought well of in the US.

Watergate Scandal


The Watergate scandal was the attempted cover-up of the burglary of the Democratic National Committee.


May 1972

The SALT 1 Treaty was a treaty between the Soviet Union and the US. This 5- year agreement limited the amount of ICBMs and submarine launched missile to 1972 levels.

Oil Crisis & OPEC


Oil prices rose due to the shortage and the oil being cut off by Syria. The US continued to sell the Oil, raising inflation and worsening the problem.

Roe vs. Wade

January 1973

A ruling that stated that women do have the right to an abortion during her 3rd month of pregnancy.

Ford becomes President


Ford becomes president on Nixon's resignation in 1974

Carter becomes President


Carter wins the Presidential Election of 1976

Camp David Accords


Carter helps form a peace between Israel and Egypt. Israel agreed to take troops out of the Sinai Peninsula if Egypt would respect them as a country.

Energy Crisis


America started to realize the downfall to nuclear energy.

Iranian Hostage Situation

January 1979

When a revolution in Iran broke out, the US embassy was seized and the Iranians took 52 Americans hostage. They would only be released if the US sent Ayatollah R Khomeini back to Iran. Carter refused and they were held captive for 444 days.

AIDS becomes a health issue

1980 - 1989

In the 1980s there was a mass breakout of AIDS. As it spred, so did the want for a cure.

Ronald Reagan becomes President


Regan wins the election of 1981 over Carter.

Mikhail Gorbachev/glasnost/perestroika

March 1985

Mikhail G. became the general secretary of the Communist party in the Soviet Union. He promoted glasnost; the promotion of free press and speech. Also he promoted perestroika; his plan to slowly establish a democratic government.

Challenger explosion


Because of this failed mission, there was a relaxation of going into space.

George H. W. Bush becomes President


Bush wins the election of 1988 over Dukakis

Tiananmen Square protest


Students in China held a march that quickly grew. They demanded freedom of speech. Eventually, Peng ordered the military to crush the protesters. The pro- democracy movement fell.

Growth of the internet

1990 - 1999

Operation Desert Storm


An operation to liberate Kuwait from Iraqi control. The US's efforts agents Iraq worked and Kuwait was liberated.



Brought Mexico into the free- trade zone. this organization was supposed to create jobs and strengthen economys.

Clinton becomes President


Clinton becomes president in the 1993 election

World Trade Center bombing

February 26, 1993

In 1993, terrorists set off bombs in the World Trade Center.

Oklahoma City bombing

April 19 1995

Timothy M. set off a bomb that killed 168 people in a federal office building.

Clinton's Impeachment Trial

December 1998

Clinton is impeached because of involvement in the Whitewater scandel.

Columbine High School shooting

April 20 1999

Two senior students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, killed a total of 12 students and one teacher. They injured 24 other students.

Election of 2000


Bush wins in a very close election over Gore (decided by the Supreme Court).


September 11 2001

Two terrorists fly planes into the twin towers, killing 3000 people.

Baraka Obama becomes President


Obama wins the election of 2009.