US Iraq War


Congress authorizes military force against Iraq

Oct 2002

Invasion of Iraq begins

March 20 2003

Collapse of Iraqi regime

April 2003

Coalition Provisional Authority established

April 21 2003

Economic sanctions against Iraq are lifted

May 2003

UN Baghdad offices attacked

Aug 20 2003

UN special representative in Iraq killed

Saddam Hussein captured

Dec 14, 2003

Shiite Uprising

April 2004

Control handed to Iraqi government

June 28 2004

Transitional National Assembly elected

Jan 2005

Shiite majority

Constitution approved

Oct 2005

Saddam Hussein executed

Dec 2006

US troop surge completed

June 15 2007

160,000-170,000 US soldiers in Iraq

US forces turn over control of air space and Green Zone

Jan 1 2009

Formal end of US military operations

Dec 15 2011

Last US soldiers leave Iraq

Dec 18, 2011