Iranian Revolution


First stirrings of unrest

Oct 1977 - Dec 1977

Qom protests

Jan 1978

Article in state-controlled newspaper attacks Khomeini, religious students in Qom clash with authorities. Many casualties. Demanded release of political prisoners, return of Khomeini, cessation of attacks on university students in Tehran, breaking of ties with Imperial powers, dissolution of the Resurgence Party

Spread of unrest

Feb 1978 - May 1978

Tabriz (Feb), Isfahan and Yazd (Mar), 24 towns (May)

Cinema fire in Abadan

August 1978

Killed over 400. Religious extremists responsible, SAVAK blamed


Sept 1978 - Nov 1978

Jaleh Square Massacre

Sept 1978

88 killed, many injured

Rally in Tehran

Dec 1978

Calls for establishment of Islamic Republic, return of Khomeini, expulsion of imperial powers, implementation of social justice

Shah leaves Iran

Jan 16 1979

Khomeini returns

Feb 1 1979

Declaration of military neutrality

Feb 1979

Confinement of soldiers to barracks

Street fighting in Tehren

Feb 9 1979 - Feb 11 1979

Fall of Pahlavi regime

Feb 11 1979

2,781 demonstrators killed during revolution

Referendum on Islamic Republic

April 1 1979

20 out of 21 million participate, 99% vote yes.

US Embassy take over (Iranian hostage crisis)

Nov 4 1979

Resignation of interim government

Nov 6 1979