Sec.1 Development of the Cold War

Confrontation of the Superpowers

First Warning

March 5 1946

On March 5th 1946 Winston Churchill was the first to give warning about the increasing tensions between the USSR and the U.S.

Truman Doctrine


The Truman Doctrine established in early 1947 was a document stating that the U.S would provide aid (money) to countries who were threatened by communist expansion.

The Marshall Plan

June 1947

After the Truman Doctrine the Marshall Plan followed. The Marshall Plan was designed to rebuild Europe's economy (after the way) The plan included $13 billion to aid Europe.


September 1949

The Federal Republic of Germany or West Germany was created on September of 1949 after much struggle. In response the USSR created a separate state, the German Democratic Republic.

Spread of the Cold War

Communism Is Spreading


Chinese communists took over the Chinese government which lead to an increase fear for the U.S about the spread of communism.


April 1949

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was formed April 1949 between many counties during the Cold War as a way to feel safe. The treaty said that mutual help would be provided to a country in need (country part of treaty).

Berlin Wall

August 1961

On August of 1961 a wall rose up separating East and West Germany. This wall lasted for about 30 years with many people trying to escape from the East to the West and many reinforcements occurring over the years.

Vietnam and the Domino Theory



Around the 1960's after the Cold War, the U.S. was drawn to a new war, the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War was an after effect of the Cold War and according the Truman Doctrine the U.S. was to help (mostly stop the spread of communism).