India History


End of the Empire

535 BC

This was the time that the Gupta empire slowly began to fall apart. It was broken up and overthrown just to end in 535.

End of Rule

415 BC

Chandra Gupta was ruler at the time. His rule ended in 415 BC.

Rule of Chandra Gupta II

375 BC

At this time Chandra Gupta II became the ruler, This started in 375 and ended in 415.

Samudra Gupta

335 BC

At this time Samudra became king. He is the son of Chandra Gupta I.

Claiming of the Throne

321 BC

At this time Chandragupta gathered an army and killed the unpopular Nanda king. Then claimed the throne which began the Mauryan Empire.

"Great Kings of Kings"

320 BC

At this time Chandra Gupta I took a new title. This was after his marriage.

Mauryan Empire

303 BC

By this time the empire stretched more than 2,000 miles. It united north India for the first time.

Chandragupta's Son

301 BC

At this time someone new needed to be on the throne. Chandragupta's son assumed it and ruled for 32 years.

Asoka as King

269 BC

At this time Asoka became the new king. He first followed in his grandfathers steps waging war to expand his empire.

Passing of Asoka

232 BC

At this time Asoka passed away. The empire had fallen apart.

Pouring into northern India

185 BC

At this time people began coming into northern India. The people were known as the Greeks, Persians, and central Asians.

Timer the Lame


Timur the Lam destroyed the Dehli. The city was devastated.



An 11 year old boy inherited a kingdom. This area is now known as Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

Leading the Troops


Babur lead 12,000 troops to victory. They were against an army of 100,000 and commanded by the sultan of Dehli.


1556 - 1605

Akbar was Babur's grandson. He ruled India at this time.

Mumtaz Mahal


Mumtaz died in this year. Se was giving birth to her 14th child.

Shah Jahan


He became ill in this year. His four sons scrambled for the throne.


1658 - 1707

Aurangzeb ruled at this time. He expanded the Mughal holdings to their greatest size.