Cold War


Recovery Soviet - Style

Soviet Plans

1950 - 1955

Create a new industrial base to increase economy.

The Reign of Stalin


1946 - 1953

Political terror due to the purge, and Stalin's death on March 5th.

Heavy Industry

1953 - 1954

By 1950 the Russian industrial production had surpassed prewar levels by 40 percent.
This was targeted for military use.


1953 - 1954

Hydrogen bombs were tested, and the first satellite (Sputnik) was released into space in 1957.

The Khrushchev Era

attempts to fix the broken

1953 - 1964

He tried to place more emphasis on satisfying consumer goods. He tried to increase agricultural output. There was an increased military spending.


1953 - 1956

Nikita Khrushchev took over Stalin's power after his death. He was the new general secretary of the communist party.


1960 - 1964

The rash plan to place missiles in Cuba was his last straw. He got voted out of office. He was forced into retirement.

Eastern Europe: Behind the Iron Curtain

iron curtain

1960 - 1970

The end of ww2 the soviet military occupied all of east Europe.

Communist Patterns of Control

eastern europe

1945 - 1947

The soviet contolled communist governments, the only eastern european state not controlled was czechoslovakia. it wasn't taken until 1948.


1948 - 1950

Tito was the leader of communist resistance in yougoslavia. This was not a soveit satellite state.

between the lines

1948 - 1953

All soviet states were following 5 year plans and emphasized heavy industry, collectivized agriculture. More secret police and military forces.

Revolts Against Communism


1950 - 1960

Soviets didnt want the eastern states to become independent. Protests erupted. When Imre Nagy (hungarian ruler) declared Hungary a free nation in november 1956. Communist seemed like it was ending. He was executed 2 years later when the soviets attacked. The soviets invaded Czechslovkia in August 1968 and crushed reform. reestablished the old order.


1953 - 1960

Some states didn't want to follow the soviet union. For example Poland. The soviets exploited the polish and made living conditions harsh. Most eastern europeans hated Soviet system.