Untitled timeline


Bloody Sunday


Where: St Peters burg, Russia
When: 1905
Why: This all started when a person started to shoot all over the place. This happened on a Sunday. That is why it is called Bloody Sunday.
How: They went all around with guns and started to shoot.

Brown Vs. The Board Of Eduaction topeka Kansas


When: in April of 1954
Where:the supreme court in Washington D.C.
How: They filed the board of education in Topeka Kansas. They wanted the racesto be equal, also for the blacks and whites.
Who: thepeople of the United States and the board of eduaction.

The Case of the Emmettt Till

1955 - 1956

Where: In Mississippi
How: This 14 year old boy was abducted and killed.
Who:These twowhitemen.
Why: People dont know why the boy who got murdered. Its is still a mystery. But, they think it was two white men.

Rosa Parks ( Fighting for Intergration on busses


Who: Rosa Parks
Why: She wanted the right to keep her seat and not give it to a white person.
Where: Mongomery, Alabama
How: So, Rosa Parks sat in the bus and white person cameand they wanted her seat and she wont get up. So,she got aressted.

Little Rock Nine ( integration on schools)


When: September 4, 1957
Where: Topeka, Kansas
Why: This happened because they wanted to register black kids into white schools. This happened because colored people wanted to go to the same schools as white people. So, they fought for there rights and got what they want.
Who: The colored people wanted to be the same as the white people.

Greens Boro sit - ins


When: 1960's
Where: Greens Boro North Carolina
why: People went to go sit in a library. Blacks and whites went and the owners wanted the colored people to go and didn't want the black people to be there so they wanted them out.
Who: the black and white freshmen

The Freedom Riders


Who: the black and whites
Where: all over the world.
Why: They wants to stop the Jim Crow Law.
When: 1961
How: these groups went down south to stop the Jim Crow law they wanted segregation

Birmingham Alabama Church Bombing


When: September 15, 1963
Why: Because the people that bombed the church hated blacks. They were part of the ku klux klan. Four girls where killed they were at a young age.
Where: Birmingham, Alabama
How: they through bombs in the church.