Events in U.S. History of Discrimination


Greensboro Sit- In

1950 - 1960

The Greensboro sit ins were non-violent protests to make schools desegregated although the Supreme Court ordered that all schools must be desegregated. The movement spread across collages and towns, people got involved although many people were arrested for trespassing and disorderly conduct. Many schools saw this and decided to change their segregation policies. This was a fight one by people uniting to stand up for what they believe in.

Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka Kansas

1954 - May 17, 1954

In 1954 the case in the Supreme Court of Brown v. baord of education was about a young girl, Linda Brown, was denied to go to an all-white school in Topeka Kansas because she was not white. The reason for Linda going to the all-white school was because it was much closer to home then her colored school and it was far much more superior then the colored schools. The NAACP took her case when she told them about her story, and then the story was took up to the Supreme Court. Brown was fighting against the 14th amendment which stated that school can be "separated but equal". Brown won the case saying that it was unconstitutional.

Rosa Parks

1955 - 1956

Rosa Parks was a woman who refused to give up her seat for a white person after a hard days work. Before the 1960's colored people were not allowed to sit in front of the bus, and if they did they would have to give up their seat for a white person. And if they refused they would get arrested, which is what happened to Rosa. After she was released from jail she became a civil rights activist and invited people to boycott the buses. The buses lost a lot of money and decided to change that law. Rosa Parks won her.

The Case of Emmett Till

August 1955

In August 1955 a young African american boy named Emmett Till was down in Mississippi to visit some relatives. When he went down to the local grocery store to get some supplies and behind the counter there was a white woman working, he made a whistle which was against the law. Three days later two white men came to Till's home and dragged him out. The young boy was beaten and shot to death and then dumped in a river, but nobody seemed to care. So Till's mother gained some attention by shedding some light on the case so her son can get justice and her got just that.

Little Rock Nine


One day in 1957, nine teenagers in Arkansas attended an all-white high school. In those times the preident passed a law to allow public schools to become desegregated. But the Governor of Arkansas was against it and found methods or delays to get the schools still be segregated . Suddenly nine colored kids come in and he refuses to let them in. the situation got so bad that the president had to send 1000 national guards to protect the teens.

The Freedom Riders


In 1961 about four hundred people rode on a bus for months to go against racial injustice. The people put there lives on the line to prove that they believed in what they stood up for and to go against the Jim Crow Laws. The civil rights activists rode through the southern states and spoke their minds despite the beatings and threats.

Birmingham Alabama Church Bombing

September 15, 1963

In September four young girls walk into church like any child would do back then. They thought it was a save heaven from any discrimination, but they were proven wrong. A huge explosion soon went out and four young girls were killed. This bombing drawed national attention and people wanted justice.

Martin Luther King Jr.'s Assasination

April 4, 1968

On April 4, 1968 the civil rights activist was shot and killed by a white man named of James Earl Ray. King was a major key role in stopping discrimination and segregation, he marched in protests and gave speeches to prove that what was happening then was wrong. When he died many people were heart broken, their leader was killed and what would happen then. King was not the first person to be shot because of they believe in, this killing shocked many people and almost everyone was devastated