World History bt Ted Wahle


Chandragupta claims throne

321 BC

In 321 the unpopular king was killed by an army of I stole this. I am a thief you didn't write this Indian empire. He stole the throne after killing the king.

the Mauryan Empire now stretches 2,000 miles

303 bc

This empire connected Northern India. And also is probably gonna take this

Chandragupta's son assumes the throne.

301 bc

301, Chandragupta's son assumes the throne. plagiarism was a big problem in the Indian empire.

Asoka becomes king of Mauryan Empire

269 Bc

In 269, the scum took my work and became the king of the Mauryan Empire.

Asoka died

232 bc

Asoka died in 232, a few years before this was stolen empire.

People began pouring into northern India

185 bc

This lasted for 500 years. The thief is filth. They were joined in Northern India.

Chandra Gupta I takes new title


He took the title the "kings of thiefs" After constantly taking timelines.

Samudra Gupta takes the throne


The son of Chandra takes the throne. His name was Samudra after a guy who hated thieves.

Chandra Gupta II takes throne


In 375, the rule was changed. but Ted did this first just to clear things up. he was the son of Smit.

Chandra II ends their rule


As the rule ends, we can only hope hunner stops taking my work.

The empire ends


What a shame, it's all over. Ted hit it first. A great empire.

Timur and Lane destroys Delhi


Timur and Lane destroys Delhi

Babur inherited a kingdom


Babur led 12,000 troops


In 1526, for example, he led 12,000 troops to

Akbar's Rule

1556 - 1605

Babur’s grandson was called Akbar, which means “Great.” Akbar cer- tainly lived up to his name, ruling India with wisdom and tolerance from 1556 to 1605.

Mumtaz Mahal died at age 39


In 1631, Mumtaz Mahal died at age 39 while giving birth to her 14th child. To enshrine his wife’s memory, he ordered that a tomb be built “as beautiful as she was beautiful.” Fine white marble and fabulous jewels were gathered from many parts of Asia.

Shah Jahan became ill


All was not well in the royal court either. When Shah Jahan became ill in 1657, his four sons scrambled for the throne.

Aurangzeb ruled

1658 - 1707


Medici takes control


In 1434, he won control of Florence’s government. He did not seek political office for himself, but influenced members of the ruling council by giving them loans. For 30 years, he was dictator of Florence.

Turks conquered Constantinople


Christian scholars in Constantinople fled to Rome with Greek manu- scripts when the Turks conquered Constantinople in 1453

Medici's grandson takes power


His grandson, Lorenzo de Medici, came to power in 1469. Known as Lorenzo the Magnificent, he ruled as a dictator yet kept up the appearance of having an elected government.

The courtier was written