United States History: 1600-1900

7th Grade at Holy Angels-2013


Boston Massacre

March 5, 1770

The Boston Massacre was a street fight that happened on March 5, 1770. It was between a “patriot” mob throwing snowballs, sticks, and stones and a squad of British soldiers. British army soldiers killed 5 civilian men and injured 6 others. The Boston Massacre took place in Boston, directly in front of the Old State House. This created more tension between the British and the Americans which caused the Revolution.

-Andrea Gremonprez

The American people got into an argument with British soldiers on March 5, 1770 on King Street in Boston Massachusetts. The British soldiers fired at the civilians and killed five of them, wounding six others. This matters because without this the revolutionary war might not have happened. This event added fire to the sparking rebels, who were getting angry with the high taxes and unfair government. It helped give courage to rebel against the British.
-Grace Davies

Boston Tea Party

December 16, 1773

On December 16, 1773, there was a very important part of history. The Sons of Liberty dressed up as Mohawk Indians. Then In the middle of the night, they went to the Boston Harbor and dumped the crates of tea off of a ship from England. They did this to protest the high tax that England was putting on their tea. This is important because it was one of the first protests in American history and it led to the Revolutionary War.
-Eva Luba

Declaration of Independence

July 4, 1776

On July 4th,1776, the Declaration of Independence was adopted for the US to declare their independence from British rule. It was drafted between June 11th through the 28th. The Declaration of Independence was written in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, mostly by Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, John Adams, Robert Livingston, and Roger Sherman, both British and American colonies wrote it. The Declaration of Independence was written because the colonies were responding to Great Britain for overtaxing them. This document is remembered because it states that a government exists for the benefit of the people and today, if the Declaration of Independence wasn’t written, we might still be under the rule of a king.
-Alex Rondorf

Articles of Confederation

1781 - 1789

The states formed a confederation, a league of independent states, under an agreement called the Articles of Confederation. Congress completed the Articles of Confederation in 1777, but not until 1781 did all the states approve it. America wanted the Articles of Confederation to reunite separate states. This is important because without it we would basically not have the freedom we have today.
-Lauren Voelker


September 28, 1781 - October 19, 1781

The dates from September 28th-October 19th, 1781 was the final battle of the Revolutionary War. The soon to be Americans, guided under Gen. George Washington, got informed that the British, guided under Gen. Cornwallis, were near Yorktown. Washington intercepted the British at Yorktown and finally, after the vigorous battle, they got what they wanted, their independence. Without this, we might not be who we are today, independent and free.
-Canon Melstrand

Underground Railroad

1786 - 1865

The Underground Railroad was started in1786. It was a system of pathways that were used to get slaves from the South to the North, even to Canada. Many people helped with the Underground Railroad, and one was Harriet Tubman. It was important because this helped bring many slaves to freedom and this greatly affected the South.

-Alex Feldhusen

The Constitution


On September 17, 1787, the 42 delegates of the Constitutional Convention gathered in Philadelphia one last time to sign their work. Those who favored the new plan of government became the federalists, and they succeeded in getting the Constitution ratified. The Constitution basically sums up the laws WE as Americans worked for and believe.
-Emma Dahlberg

Bill of Rights


On September 28, of 1789, James Madison wrote the Bill of Rights. When he was at the National Archives he sat down and started writing away the 10 amendments to the United States Constitution. The Bill Of Rights is very important to the United States because it tells all the personal freedoms that limit the government’s power in many proceedings. They Bill of Rights, later after they were written, were adopted by the House of Representatives on August 21 of 1789 and went into effect at the Constitutional Congress on September 25 of 1789.
-Claire Tennies

Election of 1800


In the year 1800, Thomas Jefferson beat Aaron Burr in a very close election. The election made it a hard decision who to pick for president because they were tied with electoral votes. The House Representatives got to choose after that and chose Jefferson. He ended up being a great president (he was also the author of the Declaration of Independence).

-Joey Michels

Missouri Compromise


The United States Congress passed the Missouri Compromise in the 1820’s. This law was a congressional agreement that regulated the extension of slavery in Missouri. This was important because it was how slavery was going to be dealt with. It was based on whether they were for slavery in the south or for anti-slavery in the north, which is why they made this compromise to settle this with Congress.

-Brock Albiero

Uncle Tom's Cabin Published


Uncle Tom’s Cabin was a book published in 1852 and written by Harriet Beecher Stowe. It sold 10,000 copies in one week. The book told a story of a family of slaves that was trying to get to freedom in Canada. It was important because it changed the way that people in the North viewed slavery.
-Alex Feldhusen

Kansas-Nebraska Act


The Kansas-Nebraska Act took place in 1854 and repealed the Missouri Compromise and enforced popular sovereignty in Kansas and Nebraska. Stephen Douglas created this in hopes that he wouldn’t have to take a side in the slavery debate. This event matters because it helped give a reason to fight the Civil War, to free the slavestotally from slave owners. It also helped give the South a reason to secede.
-Grace Davies

Emancipation Proclamation

January 1, 1863

January 1st, 1863, was an important day involving the end to slavery. While at the capitol building, President Lincoln read the Emancipation Proclamation that stated slaves in the Confederate states would be free. It was important even though the Confederates said it didn’t affect them. Finally, for the first time in American history slavery was, for once, beginning to end.
-Canon Melstrand


1865 - 1877

Reconstruction started after the Civil War, in 1865, and was brought to an end in 1876. It was an act that was supposed to rebuild and help the South, but with Lincoln gone there was no one who could mend the relationship between the North and South. Although some believed that the south should be punished, President Lincoln argued that the task before the country was to restore the Union. In the end, the people who really suffered were the freed African-Americans.
-Emma Dahlberg


April 9, 1865

On April 9, 1865, was the final battle of the Civil War. Appomattox is in Virginia, which was Confederate ground. Lee’s army surrendered to Grant’s. They signed the treaty in the court house of Appomattox. This was important because it ended the Civil War. It agreed that the Union won which meant there would be no more slavery in our country.
-Eva Luba

Lincoln's Assassination

April 14, 1865

Lincoln’s Assassination happened on April 14th, 1865. John Wilkes Booth, a famous actor and Confederate sympathizer, fatally shot Lincoln at a play at Ford’s Theater. This event in history shows that the protection of a president is not to be taken lightly.

Haymarket Square Riot

May 4, 1886

Workers of McCormick Company gathered on Tuesday, May 4th, 1886 at Haymarket Square, Chicago, Illinois to go on strike against McCormick Harvest Company in order to work eight hour work days. Then, the unexpected happened. An Anarchist, not known who did this at the time, threw a bomb at a swarm of police officers. Guns fired as well, killing seven police officers and an unknown amount of civilians who were nearby. The eight suspected anarchists did this to break up a labor rally. Even though people were killed, this is remembered as May Day, a day observed for workers.

-Alex Rondorf

Wounded Knee Massacre

December 29, 1890

On December 29 of 1890 there was a terrible massacre called the Wounded Knee Massacre. This massacre in South Dakota was where the last battle of the American Indian War took place. In this war the Sioux were attacked by the U.S. army led by Custer in 1876 at their camp in Little Bighorn. They Sioux ended up winning the battle led by Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull, but in 1881 the Sioux surrendered and the U.S. army took victory.
-Claire Tennies


John Rockefeller

1839 - 1937

John D. Rockefeller, (1839-1937), was truly a man of buisness and was a icon of the past. Rockefeller lived in Cleveland, where his Standard Oil Company was, and had a residence in New York. He was important because he revolutionized the petroleum industry, became America’s first billionaire, and set forth a new kind of business. John D. Rockefeller was truly a man with a plan.
-Ethan Wedemayer


French and Indian War

1754 - 1763

In 1754-1763, the colonies of Great Britain and France were at war. That same year, the war escalated from a regional affair into a world-wide conflict. The French and Indian War took place in India, the West Indies, and America. This war matters because, ‬‬‬by its end, Britain was the most powerful nation in the world.
-Lauren Voelker

Revolutionary War

1775 - 1783

On April 19, 1775, the USA declared war against Great Britain for freedom. The USA tried breaking away from Great Britain because they were put under terrible conditions like being taxed without being given representation. Great Britain finally surrendered on September 3, 1783. This mattered because is gave the USA independence to start their own country, and get to where we are today.
-Joey Michels

War of 1812

1812 - 1815

The wonderful War of 1812 was fought between the Americans and the British in 1812-1815. It was fought in the Atlantic Ocean, Great Lakes, the East Coast, Canada, and the South. The war was caused because of trade conflicts, territorial boundary conflicts, and maritime rights. This war was important, even though it was a draw, because it strengthened the federal government and showed all the other countries that they shouldn’t mess with the USA.
-Ethan Wedemayer

Civil War

1861 - 1865

The generals were Ulysses S. Grant from the north and Robert E. Lee from the south and the war was from 1861-1865. The Civil War was a fight for freedom and was fought in the north and south all over, but was mainly fought in Virginia and Tennessee. It was important because it impacted the whole world, and men gave their lives so that future men and women would not be held in slavery. The colored race were being treated like they were nothing and even killed for being colored.

-Brock Albiero