The Cold War Section 2


The Recovery of the Soviet Union

Stalin increases the machinary industry but after he dies a new leader with new ideas comes into play.

Industrial Industry


Stalin increased the bussiness by 40%.

First atomic bomb


Stalin dies

March 5, 1953

Khrushchev's thoughts


This new leader did not agree with Stalin's plans and wanted change in the Soviet Union.

First satalite


News letter revieled truth


One day in life was about the Siberian forced-labor camp.

Eastern Europe:Behind the Iron Curtain

The Soviet Union after the second world war wanted more land and fought to control over theri new lands.

Soviet union taking east europe

1945 - 1947

Soviets controlled east Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Hungary.

More Industry rather than more time at home

1948 - 1953

Stalin wanted people to help industry rather than making his people's lives better at home.