Hermann Von Meyer

Nicholas Steno 1638-1686

Italian Found out how fossils were made.

Discovered how fossils were made

1638 - 1686

Discovered how fossils were made.

Georges Cuvier 1769-1832

Started Paleontology

Started Paleontology

1769 - 1832

Started Paleontology, who classified animals on anatomy

Gideon Mentells 1790-1852

Brittish one of first in world. Named Iguanodon.

one of first in world

1790 - 1852

He named the dinosaur Iguanodon

Edward B. Hitchcock 1793-1864

Found first large Dinosaur Trackway

Found first large dinosaur trackway

1793 - 1864

Found first large dinosaur trackway

Mary Anning 1799-1847

Brittish supported family by finding and selling fossils

found and sold fossils

1799 - 1847

Richard Owens 1804-1892

Brittish Named term dinosauria

Named term dinosauria

1804 - 1892

Joseph Leidy 1823-1891

First named dinosaur, and first american dinosaur Hadrosaurus

First named dinosaur found in U.S.

1823 - 1891

Found first American dinosaur, Hadrosaurus

Hermann Von Meyer 1837- 1861

Named dinosaur Plateosaurus

Named dinosaur Plateosaurus

1837 - 1861

William Foulke 1838-1858

U.S.A. Found first dinosaur skeleton, in New Jersey U.S.A. Dinosaur later named by Joseph Leidy.

Scientist and artist

1838 - 1858

Found first dinosaur skeleton in U.S.

Harry Seeley 1839-1909

Brittish Divided dinosaurs by hip structure

Divided dinosaurs by hip structure

1839 - 1909

Roland Bird 1899-1978

U.S.A. Found Glen Rose Trackways and 105 million year old footprints in fossil.

Found Glen Rose Trackway

1899 - 1978

George Sternberg 1908

U.S.A. Found mummified duck-billed dinosaur

Found mummified duck-billed dinosaur


Sue Hendrickson 1949-1990

U.S.A> found most complete T rex Fossil.

Found most complete T-rex fossil

1949 - 1990

Robert Bakker late 1960's - 1992

U.S.A> artist who sketched dinosaurs to aid in the identities.

Sketched dinosaurs so people could identify them

1967 - 1992

Dale A Russell 1967-1999

Named dinosaur Dyslocosaurus

He named Dyslocosaurus

1967 - 1999

Joan Wiffen 1974

New Zealand Found first dinosaur fossils on New Zealand.

Found fossils of first dinosaurs on New Zealand


Fernando Novas 1986- 1997

Argentina Paleontologist from Museum of Natural History

Paleontologist from National Museum of History

1986 - 1997

Ruth Mason 1990

U.S.A. Found dinosaur bone bed on families land.

Discovered dinosaur bone bed on family land


Karen Chin 1996-1998

U.S.A. Studied T- rex droppings and found Triceratops frill and Dung Beetles.

Studied T-rex droppings

1996 - 1998