Forming Middle East - KatieW


Growth of the Ottoman Empire

1300 - 1699

The empire was ruled by a Bureaucratic ministry. The rulers were Turkish Muslims and the seed of power is what is now modern day Turkey.

Decline of the Ottomon Empire

1699 - 1915

The outer fringes of the empire were the first to split off into what is now the middle east.

Arab Nationalism

1880 - Present

Arabs join together with the common purpose to achieve political and cultural goals. Specifically they wanted their own home land.

World War I

1914 - 1918

The first world war with two sides, the Allied powers and the Axis powers.

Armenian Genocide


The Turks believed the Armenians were helping the Russians, so they killed many Armenians. Estimated 1-2 million people were killed.

Hussein-McMahon Correspondence (British POV)


British Diplomat McMahon writes to Sharif Hussein, with a vague promise of homeland if Ottoman Empire breaks up with Arab help.

Hussein-McMahan Correspondence


British promise Arabs independence and future country if Arabs revolt against Ottoman Turks, aka Join the British.

Skyes-Picot Agreement


Secret agreement between British and French to divide up the Ottoman Empire if it failed.

Balfour Declaration


The British promised to the Zionist leaders their own home land in Palestine.

Ataturk in the Turkish War of Independence


Araturk leads war of independence against Western forces. He establishes independence for Turkey.

Syke-Picot Agreement (pt 2)


The Sykes-Picot agreement goes into effect. The British Mandate of Palestine puts into place the Balfour Declaration.

Arab Revolt

1920 - 1930

Abdullah is leader


Abdullah ibn Hussein is the new leader of Transjordan. His brother becomes the Iraqi leader.

Ataturk is president


Ataturk is elected president of Turkey.