Forming Middle East- Ethan A


Growth of the Ottoman Empire

1300 - 1699

Empire extended all the way into north Africa, western parts of the Middle East, north of Turkey, and thus included a number of ethnic and religious groups in empire. Rulers were Turkish Muslims in Turkey.

Decline of Ottoman Empire

1700 - 1915

Empire shrinks until modern day Turkey is only whats left of Ottoman Empire in 1915

Arab Nationalism

1880 - 2010

Arabs join together to fight for independence from Ottoman Empire and to gain their own homeland.


1914 - 1918

Hussein-McMahon Correspondence


McMahon promises homeland to Hussein in letter if his Arabs help break up Ottoman Empire.

Armenian Genocide


Turkish rulers attempt to exterminate Armenian population because they thought they were helping Russians. Estimated 1-2 million people killed by the Turks.

Hussein-McMahan Correspondence


British promise new homeland for Arabs if they revolt against Ottoman Turks. (Join British)

Sykes/Picot Agreement


Secret agreement between British and French to divide up Ottoman Empire if it failed

Balfour Declaration


British promise a Jewish homeland in Palestine to the Zionist leaders. Declaration says it will not harm the rights of the Arabs already living in Palestine.

Turkish Independence


Kemal Turk leads Turkey in War of Independence and establishes sovereign Turkey.

Sykes-Picot Agreement goes into effect


British control Palestine, Jordan, and Iraq and establishes Jewish homeland in Palestine.
French control Syria and Lebanon

Arab revolt

1920 - 1930

Arab populations all over Middle East revolt against European rule.