Path: Obrimos Order: Mysterium Legacy: None

Sleepwalking in the Dark

Born into the Fallen World


Born in Augusta, GA, to Johnathon and Mary Bronner. Johnathon was a partner in a prominent textile mill, Mary a secretary at a local law firm. They were particularly well off for the time, which afforded Abraham several advantages. He came from a Jewish family who had moved to Augusta following the second World War. His upbringing and religion would play a central role throughout his life.

Private School

8/1/1992 - 6/1/2001

Abraham would be sent to private school during this time. He would attended Richmond Academy in his youth where he took track and field, scoring well enough to afford him some scholarships for college.

Childhood Activities


Growing up, Abraham took a keen interest in the local history of Augusta. This began at a young age when he would go antiquing with his grandparents. One day he discovered a map on the back of an old confederate painting describing the old Powderworks in the city. He would go on to collect many maps of that era, as well as other relics from that age found with the maps. While historically important, none of them were particularly rare in terms of price, although he does still carry them today.

Abraham's Bar Mitzvah


In front of his Synagogue and family, Abraham undergoes his Bar Mitzvah to become a full fledged member of the Jewish community. Reading the closing verses of the Torah, as well as the Haftarah, he also goes on to lead the weekly prayer services.

Enrolls in College

1/1/2002 - 12/30/2006

Enrolls in college at the Augusta College where he would major in Mathematics and Geology. Making quite good grades, he would graduate with honors in his double major. Also while at college he would win several track events before quitting during his last year to work on studying.

Kabbalah Study


On his 20th birthday, Abraham's grandfather begins secretly teaching him about the Kabbalah. Fascinated by the teachings, he continued to study it with him throughout college. After graduating in both studies, his grandfather gave him a family copy of the Zohar.

Environmental Agency

09/06/2007 - 04/30/2011

Shortly after leaving college, Abraham is offered a contract by the US Environmental Agency. He accepts and is sent to Puerto Rico. While there he is set to take detailed cartography measurements of various mountain ranges and protected areas, as well as geological samples.

Survey Expedition #1

9/30/2007 - 10/30/2008

As a part of a very small survey team, Abraham is sent into the El Yunque National Forest to take geological samples and topography maps of the El Toro Wilderness area. While there he uncovers some Taino Petroglyphs that supposedly frequent the area, although secretly he never reports them.

Survey Expedition #2

12/1/2008 - 1/1/2010

In order to incorporate more of Camuy River Cave System into the tours in the Park there, the Agency had Node explore and map several more branches of the complex. Only a small fraction of the caves, even today, have been explored, which still lingers as somewhat of a personal regret to Abraham.

Survey Expedition #3

03/01/2010 - 04/30/2011

While doing work for the environmental agency, Abraham is set to do a survey on the La Cordillera Centra mountain range north of Ponce. The purpose of this was to map out potential protected areas, identify material assets, and take detailed topographical information of the region.

Awakened Glory

Awakens to the Supernal


During his survey, Abraham is hiking Mt Cerro de Punta. After a grueling hike due to inclement weather, he finally reaches the top. Setting up camp, he weathers out the rest of the storm. The next morning he awakens, and steps outside into the Supernal Realm of the Aethir to sign his name on the Watchtower.

Sault Ste Marie - Skittles

May 2011 - 1/7/2012

Seeking to explore the ley structure seen in his awakening, he is drawn to the Great Lakes, Node settles for a time in Sault Ste Marie. While there he meets a Moros Guardian of the Veil named Skittles, and assists him in constructing his hallow. Using his new found knowledge, he helps redirect and instil new resonance in the leylines surrounding the hallow.

Apprenticed to the Other

03/01/2012 - 05/31/2012

After leaving the Great Lakes, Node travels south from Canada following the Mississippi. He explores the intricate web of rivers and leylines that comprise it. Before long, Node ends up in the Louisiana delta where he apprentices himself under the Other for a short period of time. While there he study the effects of leylines on deathly energy and resonance.

Return to Puerto Rico


After going out and studying the leyline energies he found elsewhere, Node is still left with questions. Seeking to return to his place of Awakening, he returns to Ponce, Puerto Rico. Joining the local Mysterium, he seeks to unravel the secrets of the Puerto Rico leylines that caused him to first Awaken.