D&M - Watson and Holmes schooling years

Starting with Waston in 09/1988 and ending with Holmes graduation in 06/1996


[Sirius Black] escapes from [Azkaban]


Buckbeak's hearing


hearing The [Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures] considers the fate of the [Hippogriff] and sentences him to death.

Voldemort kills Frank Bryce


the Quidditch World Cup


Final of the 422nd [Quidditch World Cup] – [Ireland] beats [Bulgaria], 170 to 160
That night, [Death Eaters] raid the campsite and are driven away when [Barty Crouch Jr.] casts the [Dark Mark].

Potter Trail at MOM


disciplinary hearing in old [Courtroom Ten]
He sees the [Department of Mysteries] corridor in the waking world for the first time

Educational Decree #22


MoM passes Educational Decree #22, allowing MoM to appoint professors if Dumbledore can't find someone

[Sturgis Podmore] arrested at the [Ministry] by [Eric Munch]


After Voldemort’s return, Sturgis became a member of the Order during the Second Wizarding War, and was a part of the Advance Guard that safely brought Harry Potter to 12 Grimmauld Place.
On 31 August, 1995 he stood guard beside the entrance of the Department of Mysteries and was subsequently put under the Imperius Curse by the Death Eater Lucius Malfoy. Mad-Eye Moody was irritated when Podmore didn’t return his Invisibility cloak and that he did not turn up to help transport Harry Potter safely to King’s Cross Station, not knowing Sturgis had been Imperiused.

Under the control of the Death Eaters, Sturgis attempted to break into the Department of Mysteries during one of his guard shifts. However, he was discovered and arrested by Eric Munch, a Ministry official, during the attempt and was sentenced to six months in the Wizard Prison, Azkaban.

In an article announcing Sturgis Podmore’s arrest, the Daily Prophet revealed that his home is Number 2, Laburnum Gardens, Clapham.

After he was released from Azkaban, it is possible that he rejoined the Order for the remainder of the war.

[Mr. Weasley] is attacked while guarding the Dept. of Mysteries


[Mr. Weasley] is attacked by a [snake] while guarding the [Department of Mysteries]

DE movement


a mass breakout of Death Eaters from Azkaban after the Dementors defected to Voldemort. Ten long-imprisoned Death Eaters – including the Lestrange family and their comrades Antonin Dolohov, Augustus Rookwood, Travers, and Mulciber, among others – were free to join their master again. The Ministry of Magic, however, refused to admit that Voldemort had returned and blamed the breakout on Sirius Black.

Broderick Bode strangled by Devil's Snare (reported the next day in paper)

The Battle of the [Department of Mysteries]


A pitched battle is fought between members of the [D.A.], a group of [Death Eaters], and members of the [Order of the Phoenix]. [Sirius Black] is killed and many others are wounded.

When [Voldemort] himself arrives and battles [Dumbledore] in the Atrium, [Fudge] is forced to admit that [Voldemort] has indeed returned and remove [Umbridge] from [Hogwarts].

[Dumbledore] returns to [Hogwarts] and reveals to [Harry] the contents of [Trelawney]’s first [prophecy].

War Begins

7/1/1996 - 7/14/1996

It’s a busy two weeks:

When [Minister for Magic] [Cornelius Fudge] refuses to step aside for [Voldemort], the [Brockdale Bridge] is destroyed, killing dozens of Muggles.

[Amelia Bones], Head of [Magical Law Enforcement], and [Emmeline Vance], a member of the [Order of the Phoenix], are murdered – the former by [Voldemort] himself.

Destruction in [Somerset] is reported; Muggles suspect a hurricane, but it was probably the work of [giants] working for [Voldemort].

[Dementors] are breeding, causing cool weather and persistent mist across [Britain].

[Cornelius Fudge] is sacked and [Rufus Scrimgeour], Head of the [Aurors], takes his place.

A Junior Minister in the Muggle government, [Herbert Chorley], has a bad reaction to an [Imperius Curse] and thinks he’s a duck. He is spirited away to St Mungo’s] and [Kingsley Shacklebolt] takes a position as a secretary to the Muggle [Prime Minister] to guard him.

[Fudge] visits the Muggle [Prime Minister] and introduces the him to [Scrimgeour].

Watson Centric Events

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-- School related info only

Watson 1st year

09/05/1988 - 06/24/1989

Watson 2nd year

9/4/1989 - 06/23/1990

Watson 3rd Year

09/03/1990 - 06/22/1991

Waston is Hufflepuff Quidditch Beater

Watson 4th Year

09/01/1991 - 06/20/1992

Waston is Hufflepuff Quidditch Beater

Watson 5th Year

08/31/1992 - 06/19/1993

Waston is Hufflepuff Quidditch Beater

Watson passes OWLS with high marks

Watson 6th Year

08/30/1993 - 06/18/1994

Mary and John begin dating


(summer) John meets Muggle Nurse-intraining Mary Moristan. They begin dating, and writting letters while he’s away at school

Watson 7th Year

09/05/1994 - 06/24/1995

Watson Passes NEWTS with good marks

Stamford and Murray events

Close friends (or 'friends' in Holmes case) of Watson and Holmes

Bill Murray 2nd Year

09/05/1988 - 06/23/1989

Mike Stamford 1st Year

09/05/1988 - 06/23/1989

Waston and Stamford become friends on train


Murray befriends underclassman Watson


Bill Murray 3rd Year

9/4/1989 - 06/22/1990

Murray as Hufflepuff Quidditch Keeper

Mike Stamford 2nd Year

9/4/1989 - 6/22/1990

Bill Murray 4th Year

09/03/1990 - 06/21/1991

Murray as Hufflepuff Quidditch Keeper

Mike Stamford 3rd Year

9/3/1990 - 6/21/1991

Stamford befriends Holmes


M. Stamford “befriends” sherlock holmes -tutories him in social manners. Holmes helps tutor him in his classes

Bill Murray 5th Year

09/01/1991 - 06/19/1992

Murray as Hufflepuff Quidditch Keeper
Murray as Hufflepuff Quidditch Captain
Murray as Prefect
Murray passes OWLS with good marks

Mike Stamford 4th Year

09/01/1991 - 06/19/1992

Mike Stamford 5th Year

08/31/1992 - 06/18/1993

Stamford is Perfect

Stamford passes OWLS with good marks

Bill Murray 6th Year

08/31/1992 - 06/18/1993

Murray as Hufflepuff Quidditch Keeper
Murray as Hufflepuff Quidditch Captain
Murray as Prefect

Bill Murray 7th Year

08/30/1993 - 6/17/1994

Murray as Prefect
Murray passes NEWTS with okay marks

Mike Stamford 6th Year

08/30/1993 - 06/17/1994

Stamford is Perfect

Mike Stamford 7th Year

09/05/1994 - 06/23/1995

Stamford is Head Boy

Holmes Centric Events

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Mycroft Holmes 7th Year

09/05/1988 - 06/23/1989

M. Holmes is Prefect

M. Holmes passes NEWTS with perfect marks

Holmes 1st Year

9/4/1989 - 06/22/1990

Refuses to by a sytherin (as all Holmes [especially Mycroft] are), and is sorted into Ravenclaw

Holmes 2nd Year

09/03/1990 - 06/21/1991

Holmes vs the Cell Phone


Sherlock buys his first cell phone. he’s destroyed in in 30 minutes by mistake

Holmes 3rd Year

09/01/1991 - 06/19/1992

Holmes 4th Year

08/31/1992 - 06/18/1993

Molly Hooper has a crush


Molly devolpes a crush on upperclassman Sherlock

Holmes 5th Year

08/30/1993 - 06/17/1994

Holmes passes OWLS with high marks

Holmes 6th Year

09/05/1994 - 06/23/1995

Holmes vs the Computer


(summer) sherlock buys a muggle computer and tries to use the internet

Holmes 7th Year

09/3/1995 - 06/21/1996

M. Holmes begins editing reports


Mycroft starts to direct attention away from sherlock, and starts to edit reports about his brother’s activities

Holmes passes NEWTS with near perfect marks


D&M students

Slytherin: 1f9e06 - - Ravenclaw: 104573 - - Gryffindor: f68121 - - Hufflepuff: fceb03

Sebastian Moran 3rd Year

09/05/1988 - 06/23/1989

Sally Donovan 3rd Year

09/05/1988 - 06/23/1989

Anderson 2nd Year

09/05/1988 - 06/23/1989

Sebastian Moran 4th Year

9/4/1989 - 06/22/1990

Sally Donovan 4th Year

9/4/1989 - 06/22/1990

Anderson 3rd Year

9/4/1989 - 06/22/1990

Carl Powers 1st Year (until winter break)

09/04/1989 - 12/1989

Seb Wilkies 1st Year

9/4/1989 - 06/22/1990

Sally Donovan 5th Year

09/03/1990 - 06/21/1991

Donovan is Prefect
Donovan passes OWLS with good marks

Anderson 4th Year

09/03/1990 - 06/21/1991

Sebastian Moran 5th Year

09/03/1990 - 06/21/1991

Moran is Prefect
Moran passes OWLS with good marks

Sally Donovan 6th Year

09/01/1991 - 06/19/1992

Donovan is Prefect

Sebastian Moran 6th Year

09/01/1991 - 06/19/1992

Moran is Prefect

Anderson 5th Year

09/01/1991 - 06/19/1992

Anderson passes OWLS with okay marks

Molly Hooper 1st Year

09/01/1991 - 06/19/1992

Anderson 6th Year

08/31/1992 - 06/18/1993

Molly Hooper 2nd Year

08/31/1992 - 06/18/1993

James Moriarty 1st Year

08/31/1992 - 06/18/1993

Irene Adler 1st Year

08/31/1992 - 06/18/1993

Sebastian Moran 7th Year

08/31/1992 - 06/18/1993

Moran is Prefect
Moran passes NEWTS with okay marks

Sally Donovan 7th Year

08/31/1992 - 06/18/1993

Donovan is Head Girl
Donovan passes NEWTS with good marks

Anderson 7th Year

08/30/1993 - 06/17/1994

Anderson barely passes NEWTS

Molly Hooper 3th Year

08/30/1993 - 06/17/1994

Irene Adler 2nd Year

08/30/1993 - 06/17/1994

James Moriarty 2nd Year

08/30/1993 - 06/17/1994

Irene Adler 3rd Year

09/05/1994 - 06/23/1995

James Moriarty 3rd Year

09/05/1994 - 06/23/1995

Molly Hooper 4rd Year

09/05/1994 - 06/23/1995

Irene Adler 4th Year

09/03/1995 - 06/21/1996

Molly Hooper 5th Year

09/3/1995 - 06/21/1996

Hooper passes OWLS with good marks

James Moriarty 4th Year

09/03/1995 - 06/21/1996

Outside world key events

Lestrade starts Auror training


Holmes begins interning at MOM


Carl Powers Dies during Christmas break


Harry and Clara begin dating


Mary Mortson beings nursing school


Harry and Clara - Married


Divorced in 07/1997

Stamford meets Watson at Barts


Watson begins training for MediWizard

Watson works for Dept. of Security


end at the attack on the MOM on Aug. 1, 1997

John Watson and Mary Mortson - Married


Ends on 9/30/1997, when M. Stamford obliviates Mary’s memory of John and moves Mary and Hamish out of the city to keep them safe. John never sees either of them again

Harry and Clara have first damaging fight


Moriarty's web expands outside hogwarts


Hogwarts Staff

Trelawney - Divination

09/05/1988 - 3/8/1996

Trelawney officially sacked, she'd been suspended for a while

Snape teaches [Defence Against the Dark Arts]

09/05/1988 - 06/30/1997

Started in 1981.

Snape told Umbridge in October 1995 that he had been teaching at Hogwarts for 14 years (OP17).

Cuthbert Binns teaches History of Magic

09/05/1988 - 06/21/1996

Filius Flitwick teaches Charms

09/05/1988 - 06/21/1996

The Charms teacher and Head of Ravenclaw House during the entire series. He is also shown to be the director of the school's choir in the film adaptation of Prisoner of Azkaban and Order of the Phoenix.

Minerva McGonagall teaches Transfiguration

09/05/1988 - 06/21/1996

Irma Pince the Librarian

09/05/1988 - 06/21/1996

The librarian of Hogwarts during the entire series. She is compared to an "underfed vulture", and is very possessive and protective with the library books.

Poppy Pomfrey the Matron

09/05/1988 - 06/21/1996

The Matron and nurse in charge of the hospital wing during the entire series.

Pomona Sprout teaches Herbology

09/05/1988 - 06/21/1996

The Herbology teacher and Head of Hufflepuff House during the entire series. Her position is eventually taken by Neville Longbottom who, by the time of the epilogue, is said to be the Herbology teacher.

Silvanus Kettleburn teaches Care of Magical Creatures

09/05/1988 - 06/18/1993

Rolanda Hooch teaches Flying

09/05/1988 - 06/21/1996

Aurora Sinistra teaches Astronomy

09/05/1988 - 06/21/1996

The Astronomy teacher during the entire series. Sinistra assists Professor Flitwick in moving a petrified Justin Finch-Fletchley to the hospital wing in Chamber of Secrets. She attends the Yule Ball in Harry's fourth year with the fake Mad-Eye Moody.

Septima Vector teaches Arithmancy

09/05/1988 - 06/21/1996

The Arithmancy teacher during the entire series, known to give her students large amounts of homework.

Bathsheda Babbling teaches Study of Ancient Runes

09/05/1988 - 06/21/1996

Argus Filch is Caretaker

09/05/1988 - 06/21/1996

Dumbledor as headmaster

09/05/1988 - 5/30/1993

starting in Sept 1959
In the final weeks of that school year, Minerva served as temporary Headmistress of Hogwarts after the Board of Governors, under Lucius Malfoy’s influence, suspended Dumbledore for failing to stop the attacks against students

Quirinus Quirrell teaches Professor of Muggle Studies

09/05/1988 - 6/22/1990

actual start date is unknown
After teaching Muggle Studies for some time, he took a year-long sabbatical in 1990 in order to “gain first-hand experience”, though in reality he had taken a ‘Grand Tour’ around the world in order to hopefully find whatever remained of Lord Voldemort after his first defeat, partly out of curiosity, partly out of that unacknowledged desire for importance from his childhood. At the very least, Quirrell fantasised that he could be the man who tracked Voldemort down, but at best, might learn skills from Voldemort that would ensure he was never laughed at again. His journey proved successful as he did indeed find Voldemort, though he was no match for the Dark Lord (even in such a weakened state) and when he realised that Quirinus had a position at Hogwarts, Voldemort took immediate possession of Quirrell, who was incapable of resisting.

Wilkie Twycross teaches Apparition

09/05/1988 - 06/21/1996

Apparition is the magical form of teleportation in the Harry Potter series. Apparition is an optional class for those in the sixth and seventh years. The lessons are taught by Wilkie Twycross, a Ministry of Magic Apparition Instructor, in Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts. In the wizarding world, performing Apparition requires a license and may only be legally performed by people over seventeen years of age. The described reason for the restriction is that Apparition is dangerous if done improperly: insufficient concentration may lead to body parts being left behind in an unfortunate side-effect known as splinching; Twycross explains this as happening when a witch or wizard is insufficiently determined. Magical enchantments on Hogwarts castle and grounds prevent Apparition and Disapparition inside the castle; however it is explained in Half-Blood Prince that these protections are temporarily relaxed within the Great Hall for short periods to permit students to practice. Students are warned, though, that they will not be able to Apparate outside of the Great Hall and that it would be unwise to try.

Charity Burbage teaches Muggle Studies

09/01/1991 - 06/21/1996

Professor Charity Burbage (d. July, 1997) was the Professor of Muggle Studies at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry after the departure of the wizard who formerly held the post. Her career lasted from 1993 to 1997, and in these years she taught how Muggles weren’t so different from wizards and witches, but this belief became her end when Lord Voldemort killed her for her views during the Meeting at Malfoy Manor.

Quirinus Quirrell is Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts

09/01/1991 - 06/4/1992

ends with the fight over the stone

[Gilderoy Lockhart] teaches [Defence Against the Dark Arts]

8/31/1992 - 5/29/1993

Minerva McGonagall is Deputy Headmistress

5/30/1993 - 06/18/1993

Dumbledore Headmaster

06/18/1993 - 4/29/1996

start date tentative

DA members learn Patronuses; that evening, they're caught, Dumbledore is sacked, Fudge tries unsuccessfully to arrest him

Remus Lupin teaches Defence Against the Dark Arts

08/30/1993 - 6/1994

Rubeus Hagrid teaches Care of Magical Creatures

08/30/1993 - 06/17/1996

The Half-giant gamekeeper, Keeper of Keys and Grounds, and, from Harry's third year at Hogwarts, the Care of Magical Creatures professor. He has a habit of introducing dangerous creatures, which he considers harmless, to the students.

Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank is a substitute Care of Magical Creatures teacher. She first appears in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, taking lessons when Hagrid is unable to teach, and substitutes again in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix when Hagrid is away on a mission for the Order of the Phoenix.

Alastor Moody teaches Defence Against the Dark Arts

09/05/1994 - 06/23/1995

Dolores Umbridge teaches DADA

09/3/1995 - 06/21/1996

Firenze Divination

3/8/1996 - 06/21/1996

Firenze hired. Trelawney returns to the work in Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows, sharing the position with Firenze.

Umbridge Headmaster

4/30/1996 - 06/17/1996

The Educational Decree Number Twenty-Two was passed by Minister Cornelius Fudge in order to appoint his Senior Undersecretary, Dolores Jane Umbridge to the post of Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, in order to install Umbridge to work as a spy against Albus Dumbledore, who was being discredited by the Ministry following Voldemort’s return.


The decree was abolished after Dolores Umbridge’s suspension from her post of High Inquisitor and Albus Dumbledore return to his post of Headmaster following the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, in the summer of 1996.

Dumbledor is Headmaster

06/18/1996 - 06/21/1996


Harry Potter comes to Hogwarts


The Halloween Feast


The feast is interrupted by a [Mountain Troll] who almost kills [Hermione Granger]; she is saved by [Harry] and [Ron], after which they become friends.
Prof. Snape likely is bitten by Fluffy on this night

Winter Break

12/22/1991 - 01/06/1992

Dec 23 Hogwarts Express back to London

Jan 5 Hogwarts Express back to school

Quidditch Match


Quidditch match between Hufflepuff and Gryffindor which Snape referees

likely the game Harry catches the Snitch in under five minutes; Gryffindor wins


06/01/1992 - 06/04/1992

End of the Year feast


end-of-year feast at which Gryffindor wins the house cup
Ravenclaw wins the Quidditch Cup

Exam Results


nine Ministry raids overnight reported


The [Chamber of Secrets] is reopened


The [Basilisk] attacks its first victim: [Filch]'s cat, Mrs. Norris


[Colin Creevey] is Petrified by the [Basilisk]


The [Duelling] Club


[Harry] unwittingly uses [Parseltongue] to talk to a [snake] in front of the whole school; the [Hufflepuffs] in particular are now entirely convinced he’s the heir of [Salazar Slytherin].

Justin Finch-Fletchley and Nearly Headless Nick are petrified by the [Basilisk]


Winter Break

12/19/1992 - 01/04/1993

Hagrid and Dumbledore are removed from of Hogwarts

5/8/1993 - 5/30/1993

[Hagrid] is sent to [Azkaban]; [Dumbledore] is removed as headmaster of [Hogwarts]

The [Basilisk] petrifies [Hermione Granger] and [Penelope Clearwater]


The [Basilisk] petrifies [Hermione Granger] and [Penelope Clearwater]
The [Hogwarts] [Quidditch Cup] is cancelled.

Chamber of Secrets closed


The spirit-form of [Voldemort] is defeated by [Harry Potter] in the [Chamber of Secrets]

[Harry] kills the [Basilisk] and uses its fang to destroy the [diary], therefore destroying [Riddle] and saving [Ginny]‘s life. [Gilderoy Lockhart]’s memory is destroyed when he attempts to [Obliviate] [Ron] and [Harry] and get out of the [Chamber].

Later that night, the [Petrified] people are restored using [Mandrake Draught]

[Dementors] search the [Hogwarts Express]


[Dementors] search the [Hogwarts Express] while students are on their way to school; [Harry Potter] collapses.

Fat Lady Slashed


[Sirius Black] breaks into [Hogwarts] and slashes the [Fat Lady] in an attempt to find [Pettigrew]

The [Gryffindor Quidditch team] loses to Hufflepuff


The [Gryffindor Quidditch team] loses to Hufflepuff when [Dementors] cause [Harry] to fall off his broom, and [Cedric Diggory] grabs the [Snitch]. Harry’s [Nimbus 2000] is blown into the [Whomping Willow] and smashed to bits.

Quidditch Match


Ravenclaw "flattened" Hufflepuff

Winter Break

12/18/1993 - 01/03/1994

Black in Gryffingfor Tower


Sirius Black rips Ron's bed curtains trying to get to Scabbers

Security Tightens


security trolls guard the Fat Lady, whose picture has been repaired and rehung

Buckbeak and Black escape


[Sirius Black] escapes from [Hogwarts] on the back of the [Hippogriff] [Buckbeak]
Buckbeak is scheduled to be executed at sundown; [Sirius Black] is captured and held to receive the [Dementor’s Kiss].


06/06/1994 - 06/09/1994

exam grades & end of the year feast


In [Defence Against the Dark Arts], [Moody] shows the [Unforgivable Curses]


Goblet of Fire is in the Entrance Hall


The [Goblet of Fire] selects the champions for the [Triwizard Tournament]
The champions are [Viktor Krum], [Fleur Delacour], [Cedric Diggory], and – to everyone’s surprise – [Harry Potter].

First Task of the [Triwizard Tournament]


after lunch:The First Task

Harry and Krum tied for first place with 40 points each

notice about Beauxbatons and Durmstrang


notice of Beauxbatons and Durmstrang students' upcoming arrival is posted

Beauxbatons and Durmstrang students arrive, 6 p.m


Winter Break

12/18/1994 - 01/03/1995

Yule Ball


8 PM until midnight

Second Task of the [Triwizard Tournament]


Harry and Cedric tied for first place with 85 points each

Third Task of the [Triwizard Tournament]


[Voldemort] kidnaps [Harry Potter] and [Cedric Diggory]

[Cedric] is killed by [Wormtail] using [Voldemort]’s wand. [Voldemort] is restored to his body in an ancient ceremony

back at [Hogwarts], it is revealed that [Barty Crouch Jr.], impersonating [Moody] all year, led [Harry] to [Voldemort] .

[Fudge] hides his head in the sand, while [Dumbledore] begins to call together those he can trust to fight [Voldemort].

Educational Decree #24


The Educational Decree Number Twenty-Four was the first Educational Decree created by Dolores Umbridge, Hogwarts High Inquisitor. It was passed to prevent the formation of Dumbledore’s Army,other organisations, clubs, team or societies.

Educational Decree #25


The Educational Decree Number Twenty-Five was passed by Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge on 2 November 1995 to give Dolores Umbridge more authority over the punishments than the rest of the staff, including Albus Dumbledore, the Headmaster. It was made in response to Dumbledore and McGonagall’s decision to reform the Gryffindor Quidditch team after the Educational Decree Number Twenty-Four was passed, despite Umbridge strongly disaproved of it.

Educational Decree #26


Educational Decree Number Twenty-Six was the third Educational Decree created by Dolores Umbridge in her capacity of Hogwarts High Inquisitor. This Decree forbade the teaching body from giving the students any information that was not related with the subjects they were hired to teach.

to prevent the teachers from discussing the mass breakout from Azkaban that had occurred the day before.

Quidditch Match


Gryffindor loses to Hufflepuff, 240-230 (Ginny catches Snitch)

Educational Decree #27


On 14 February 1996, during one of the usual Hogsmeade weekend trips, Harry Potter gave an interview to Rita Skeeter concerning the night Lord Voldemort returned. This interview was published in the March edition of The Quibbler.

On 23 March, during breakfast, Harry received a free copy of The Quibbler from the owl post from Xenophilius Lovegood, the editor, along with some mail from the magazine’s readers, deeming him either a hero or mentally incapacitated. Umbridge, upon learning of the interview confiscated Harry’s copy of the magazine and by mid-morning had already passed the Educational Decree Number Twenty-Seven.
The Educational Decree Number Twenty-Seven was passed by Dolores Umbridge by mid-morning of 23 March 1996 to prevent the students from reading the interview about Voldemort’s return. Umbridge managed to pass the Decree merely hours after learning of said interview.

Weasley twins quit school


Fred and George Weasley deposit their swamp and quit school

Educational Decree #28


ED #28 makes DU Headmistress

Umbridge vs Hagrid and McGonagall


Umbridge and others go to sack Hagrid, who fights them off and runs out the front gates carrying Fang

McGonagall tries to intervene on his behalf, is Stunned and taken to St. Mungo's


Harry Potter and Co 1st Year

09/01/1991 - 06/19/1992

Harry Potter and Co 2nd Year

08/31/1992 - 06/18/1993

Harry Potter and Co 3rd Year

08/30/1993 - 6/17/1994

Harry Potter and Co 4th Year

09/05/1994 - 06/23/1995

Harry Potter and Co 5th Year

09/3/1995 - 06/21/1996