The Berlin Wall Events


The border between the East and West Germany is closed with wire and fencing

August 1961

John F Kennedy makes speech to the west side of Germany

June 1963

An agreement is reached that West Berliners can visit East Berliners

December 1963

East German authorities order stricter border controls


The Four-Power Agreement is reached

September 1971

This led to eased travel restrictions from West Germany to West Berlin as well as an opening of trade and diplomatic ties between East Germany and West Germany

A second wall is built behind the original wall deeper inside East Germany

1974 - 1976

Ronald Regan asked for Peace between West and East Germany

June 1987

The last person is shot trying to escape into West Germany

February 1989

The Roundtable Agreement is signed in Poland

April 1989

the first non-communist prime minister is elected in Poland

August 1989

The 'Pan-European Picnic' a peace demonstration takes place

August 1989

Hungary reopens it’s boarders with East Germany

September 1989

The Romanian Dictator is over thrown and executed

December 1989

Hungary elects a non-communist government.

April 1990

Baltic states gain independence from the Soviet Union.

July 1990

Germany reunifies

October 1990

The Soviet Union dissolves.

December 1990

Poland elects Lech Walesa as president.

December 1990