The Civil Rights Movement 1950-1968

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Presidential Action


Federal Intervention at Little Rock

Civil Rights Act

Civil Rights Act

Federal Intervention on the Freedom Rides

Intervenes at the Battle of 'Ole Miss

Civil Rights Bill

Civil Rights Act

Voting Rights Act

Fair Housing Act

Non-Violent Campaigns

Montgomery Bus Boycott

Little Rock

March on Washington

Greensboro Sit-ins

Freedom Movement in Mississippi


Albany Movement


Freedom Rides

Battle of 'Ole Miss

March on Washington


Mississippi Freedom Summer

St. Augustine, Florida

Selma, Alabama

Meredith March

Chicago Campaign

Poor People's Campaign

Supreme Court Rulings

Henderson V. U.S.

Sweatt V. Painter

Mclaurin V. Oklahoma

Brown Ruling

Brown II

Browder V. Gayle

Cooper V. Aaron

Boyton V. Virginia

Southern Opposition

KKK Re-established

White Citizens Councils Set Up

Murder of Emmett Till

Autherine Lucy

Massive Resistance Campaign


Southern Manifesto

Freedom Riders Attacked (Birmingham esp.)

16th Street baptist Church Bombing, Birmingham

Medgar Evers Murdered

Schwerner, Chaney and Goodman Murdered

Murder of Violet Liuzzo

MLK Assassinated

Black Radicalism

Malcolm X released From Prison

"Hate That Hate Produced" Released

Riots in Major Northern Cities


Harlem Riots

Malcolm X Sets Up OAAU

Malcolm X Leaves NOI

Muhammad Ali Joins NOI

Floyd McKissick Becomes CORE Leader

Watts Riots

Malcolm X Assassinated

SNCC Vote to Expel Whites

Black Panthers Established

Chicago Riots

Stokely Carmichael Leader of SNCC


Patrol the Pigs Campaign

Rap Brown Leader of SNCC


Riots Following MLK's Assassination

Battle of 28th Street in Oakland

Mexico City Olympics

Whites Excluded From CORE

SNCC Merges With Black Panthers