time periods

periods of time

Paleothic age

500,000 BC - 10,000 BC

Inventions: bone needles were made and stone axes

Mesolithic age

10,000 BC - 4,000 BC

inventions : baketery leather work canoes stone circles

Neolithic age

4,000 BC - 2,300 BC

Inventions: agriculture,pottery spinning and weaving wooden and stone plows

the bronze age

2,300 BC - 700 BC

copper had been dicovered also they learned if they heat it with tin it makes it stronger to make more durable equipment

Iron Age

700 BC - 450 AD

Blacksmiths started to become known to build things out of metal and other strong materiels
Inventions: spearheads iron daggers and swords

Middle Age

450 AD - 1400 AD

the waater wheel had been invented also people started to urbanize

renaissance age

1400 AD - 1750 AD

Inventions: telescopes microscopes clocks thermometer

Industrial revolution

1750 - 1945

steam engine cars tv radio phones

Information Age

1945 - 2013

smartphone laptops xbox 360 mouse graphics card