Important historical events

This includes some of the most monumentes events in history, from full scale wars, to the simple release of a certain item.


World War One

1914 - 1918

This was the first literal world war. The main reason for the start of the war was because of the assassination of archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. Because of this, the astro-Hungarians attacked and declared war on Serbia.

First 'Talkie' Show

1927 - 2013

This is the start of a huge monument in history and the start of modern TV. The first ever film to have voice in it. The film was called the Jazz Singer and was aired in 1927. The crowd was so in awe that they gave a standing ovation.

World War Two

1939 - 1945

World war 2 was,hence the name, the second war involving the whole world.nit started when Adolf Hitler (German) decided to invade Poland. This made both England and France declare war on Germany. Than eventually, the whole world chose their sides and went to war.

Apartheid in South Aftica

1948 - 1994

This was a initiative by the African government because of the huge racialism between the white Africans and the black Africans. This legislation was put into place after World War Two.

Vietnam War

1955 - 1975

This war was a cold era war and was basically a civil war. It was North Vietnam, with the Chinese as support, vs south Vietnam, with the Americans as support. In the end, North Vietnam won.

Assasination of JFK

1963 - 1964

JFK (John Fitzgerald Kennedy) was assassinated on the 22nd of November 1963. He was driving in a motorcade when Lee Harvey Oswald fatally shot him. Although he was killed in an instant, the American police did not stop investigating his death until 1964.

Dismissal of the Whitlam government

1972 - 1975

This was a period of time that Australia shall never forget. The Whitlam government was in control from 1972 to 1975. They, at first, were ok by put then made some descisions that were not liked, and then disbanded by gobpvener general sir John Kerr.

First item sold with a barcode

1974 - 2013

The first ever item sold with a barcode was a ten pack of wriggles fruity gum. This happened at the Marsh supermarket in troy, Ohio at 8:01 am. Pretty cool.

Sale of the Rubiks Cube

1980 - 2013

The first Rubik cube to be released was in 1980. This sparked the craze of the Rubik's cube, hat still lasts today, just more modernised. In fact, it still so popular that there are actually applications that can be purchas to play.

Mabo Land Rights Descision

1982 - 1992

The Mabo land rights Decision was about the fight for land rights in the Murray islands. Eddie Mabo led a group of Torres Strait islanders to fight for there land. On June 3rd 1992, they got there wish.

Cold War

1985 - 1991

The Cold War is a very well known war, not because of the fighting and gun battles, but because of the espionage between America and Russia.

Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster

01/26/1986 - 1990

The challenger space shuttle disaster was a very horrific event in history. 7 crew members aboard the challenger took off for outer space. 73sec afterwards, the challenger imploded, and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. All seven members died.

Knocking down the Beriln Wall

1989 - 1991

The Berlin Wall is a giant wall that separates Berlin from the rest of Germany. Or used to. In 1989, the start of the demolition of the Brlin wall began, as the game military started destroying the wall. It wasn't until 1991 that the wall was demolished, with a few watch towers left a memories.

My birthday

2000 - 2013

This would have to be the most important event on the timeline, if I were bias. But this is a pretty special day for me and anyone. It's the one day of the year where you can sit back, relax and make your annoying siblings actually do stuff for you.