Ancient Egyptian timeline



Ancient Egypt

3000 BC - 100 BC

It was invaded by Hyksos, Sea people, Hittites, Greek, Persians etc.

Old Kingdom

2686 BC

When central authority declined and the country fragmented into different factions.

The Great Pyramids

2584 BC

The Great Sphinx

2558 BC

The Middle Kingdom

2100 BC

The middle kingdom was Egypt's Golden Age.

The New Kingdom

1500 BC

The new kingdom was Egypt's expansion period.

Thutmose 1

1493 BC - 1481 BC

Thutmose 2

1482 BC - 1479 BC

Died at 4 years old?

Queen Hatshepsut

1479 BC - 1458 BC

Queen Hatshepsut was the only female to rule Egypt as a full pharaoh in a period when Egypt was strong, Often depicted as a man with a false beard,.

The battle of Megiddo

1479 BC

In 1479 BC , at the Battle of Megiddo, Pharaoh Tuthmosis III had over 20,000 men under his command to do battle against Syria’s 15,000 man army. The Egyptians won the battle, capturing over two hundred chariots and two thousand horses from the defeated Syrians.

Thutmose 3

1458 BC - 1425 BC

After his death, he was buried in tomb KV 34 in the Valley of Kings.


1370 BC - 1330 BC


1336 BC

At 17 years he died


1332 BC - 1323 BC

He is popularly referred to as King Tut.

Kadesh in Syria

1288 BC

Another famous Egyptian battle took place in 1288 BC in the city of Kadesh in Syria. Kadesh was under Hittite control and taking the city was key to controlling Syria. The Egyptians were led by Ramesses II, who commanded an army of 20,000 men divided into four divisions. Each division was named after a major Egyptian deity: Amun, Ptah, Ra, and Sutekh.


484 BC - 425 BC

Herodotus was born in Halicarnassus a Greek city in southwest Asia Minor and lived in the 5th Century. Herodotus was a Greek Historian from Ionia. He is most known for his writing of The Histories.