Ancient Egypt


Civilisation began

3100 BC

The ancient Egyptian civilisation began when King Menes founded the first dynasty. Upper and lower Egypt unite.

Old kingdom

2750 BC - 2160 BC

Greatest period of Ancient Egypt. The pyramids are built, and the potters wheel is invented

Middle kingdom

2750 BC - 1780 BC

Egypt ruled by Pharaoh Mentuhctep of Thebes who was strong enough to rule entire Egypt. Great irrigation works and advances in sculpture

The great pyramids

2560 BC - 2540 BC

Also known as the great pyramids of Khufu

The Sphinx

2520 BC - 2494 BC

The sphinx was built for the pharaoh Khafre

Wars over land

2160 BC - 2040 BC

Wars occur over who should rule Egypt. No pharaoh is strong enough to rule the land.

Hyksos People invade

1650 BC

Hyksos people invade the Pella area. Fighting occurs over who should rule Egypt.

New kingdom

1570 BC - 1080 BC

Hyksos driven out of Egypt by Pharaoh Ahmose of Thebes. Egypt at its strongest. Beautiful temples and colossal statues built


1506 BC - 1493 BC

His children were Thutmose II, Hatshepsut, Amenmose, Wadjmose, Nefrubity

Hatshepsut rules Egypt

1501 BC - 1483 BC

Hatshepsut ruled from 1501 to 1483

Thutmose ll

1493 BC - 1479 BC

Father was Thutmose l and sister in Hatshepsut

Thutmose lll

1479 BC - 1425 BC

Akentaten and Nerfititi

1353 BC - 1336 BC


1332 BC - 1323 BC

Herodotus, who was he?

484 BC - 425 BC

Herodotus was a Greek historian, he was born in Halicarnassus. Best known for writing the book "The Histories".