Greek History (Chapter 5)

Greek History Timeline

Period of Mycenaean civilization

2000 bc

Minoans become sea traders

2000 bc

Knossos becomes capital of Minoan civilization

1600 bc

Peak of Minoan civilization

1600 bc

Trojan war begins

1250 bc

Mycenaean civilization collapses

1100 bc

Dorians invade Greece

1100 bc

Time of first Olympics

776 bc

Aristocracy rules Greece

700 bc

Rule of Peistratus

546 bc

Cleisthenes came to power

509 bc

Freedmen received citizenship

507 bc

Ionians revolt against the Persians

499 bc

Life of Sophocles

496 bc - 406 bc

Birth of Socrates

470 bc

Golden age of Athens

461 bc - 429 bc

Completion of Parthenon

447 bc

Sparta declares war on Athens

431 bc

Invasions by Sparta on other city states

431 bc

Many allies of Athens switch to Sparta

413 bc

Aid from the Persians strengthens Sparta

412 bc

Greek plays are created

400 bc

Hippocratic influence on medicine

400 bc

Trial of Socrates

399 bc

Conquest of Phillip II over Greece

338 bc

Weakened Greece falls to Macedonia

338 bc

Alexander becomes ruler of Greece

336 bc

Opening of Lyceum

335 bc

Alexander the Great conquers the Persian Empire

331 BC

Alexander's last battle

326 bc

Death of Alexander the Great

325 bc

Discovery of the atom

300 bc

Roman Empire begins to absorb Hellenistic world

100 bc