Saphrin Koh

Lost PC She has gained a pair of silver horns that arch back from her forehead, hair trailing from her forearms and calves that is the same color as the hair on her head (a red color). She also has a sprinkling of teal and blue scales across her skin mostly on on her torso and upper arms, however her face also shows tiny scales that have begun to spread up from her neck and toward her eyes, which are a brilliant green. 

Saphrin's history



San Francisco CA
Named Sarah Kohner.


12/4/1999 - 2/1/2000

Sarah was 16 when she found her way into Arcadia. She was skydiving and got separated from the rest of her jump group while taking pictures. Upon landing she found herself in a thorny hedge maze that led out into a large clearing full of wandering Kirin. Instead of doing the smart thing and getting herself back to her group she wandered in among them and the Caretaker spotted her and captured her to serve as a servant to the others. After serving for a number of years she was "rewarded" with the beginning of transformation into a Kirin herself. She went through this process a number of times. She was given more responsibilities and was sent on errands for the Kirin which took her to other locations in the maze garden complex. She eventually learned the path through the maze and on one such errand instead of going to the phoenix enclosure (which she always hated due to the burns she inevitably came back out with) she made her way out to the exit. Knowing she would be missed soon she ran as hard and fast as she could fighting her way clear of the hedge. She collapses upon a wind tossed shore. She later finds that only a year had passed in the mortal world.

Finds Family


Sarah found herself in a small town in Japan. Upon further research she learned only a year had passed. She wandered for a time until she got the idea to contact her family. When she tries to contact them she gets a shock as they are no longer in the family home.

Finds out she is Dead


*Returns to San Francisco and begins searching for her family only to discover that she is believed dead. She looks down at herself and realizes that she could not pass as a 16 year old any longer and decides to watch over her family from a distance.

Changes name to Saphrin Koh

Goes to Green Bay


Upon learning about what was happening at Green Bay Saphrin decides to go help. She did not play a major part in the battle, but she did go and help to fight against the True Fae and their loyalist armies in any fashion they were able to use her.

Brother Dies


*Her brother dies in action overseas. Her family is down to just Mom and Dad

Family Moves to Hot Springs Village


*What is left of her family decide to retire to Hot Springs Village. Saphrin decides to settle in Little Rock and step away from her family as it is to painful.

Makes contact with Freehold


Saphrin first makes contact with the Freehold.

Forms Motley


Forms motley with Sarge and Ruby

After she becomes Motley mates with Sargent Major Rhyce Dunbar and Ruby she settles a small Trust Fund on her parents to help pay bills and maintain their lives as an inheritance from a distant relative. Its not a lot, but it helps.

Mortal World

Changeling History

Freehold of Green Bay

1/2000 - 12/2000

Green Bay became a city under seige. Loyalist armies began amassing in the Hedge, launching assaults on Hollows and Hob
settlements. Raiding parties would enter the real world to abduct Lost and mortals away. Luckily with the rise of the internet, Changelings had been given a new tool: instantaneous and covert communication over vast distances. As soon as the Freehold realized
what was happening, winter//net put out the call for aid across the country. Within days, Lost from all over were able to arrive in Green Bay to assist (most notably, the Bloody Wing militia arrived within hours. Speculation has run rampant since exactly as to how.) Previously, the city had provided help to any Lost that needed it, now changeling society was repaying the debt. With bolstered forces, the assembled Lost were able to quickly rout the armies of the Gentry that had been assaulting the city. For Changeling society for the first time realized that Freeholds did not need to stand alone. The Freehold of Green Bay stands proudly to this day as the crown jewel of a united changeling society.