PreHistory + Early Civilizations


Neolithic Revolution

8,000 bc

Peak of Catal Huyuk

6000 bc

Earliest city ever found
Found in Turkey

Horses Domesticated

4000 bce

Central Asians domesticated the horse

Three Cradles of Civilizations Emerged

3500 bc - 3000 bc

Mesopotamia, the Nile-River Valley, Norte Chico



3200 bc

Akadian Empire

2300 bc

Sargon the Great conquered surrounding city-states to make an empire.

Epic of Gilgamesh

2000 bc

Hebrews Invent Monotheism

2000 bce

Hammurabi's Code of Law

1700 bc

First codified form of law

Metal Coins

700 BCE

Invented by the Lydians


Pharaohs Unified Northern Egypt

3100 bc

Great Pyramids

2500 bc

Egypt ruled by Central Asians

1650 bc - 1535 bc

Conquered by people from Central Asia with chariots


1300 bc


Egypt fell into Decline

1100 bc

Nubians rule Egypt as Kush Empire

700 bc - 600 bc

Persian Conquest

525 bc

Egypt is no longer a great empire, but will still influence people

Norte Chico or Andean Civilization


Norte Chico

3000 bc - 1800 bc

Influenced Chavin, Moche, and Inca

Indus River Valley

Indus River Valley

2500 bc - 1500 bc

Cites Abandoned

1900 bc

Yellow River Civilization

Also Huang He Civilization

Shang Dynasty

1500 bc - 1027 bc

Zhou Dynasty

1027 bc - 221 bc


Time of the Warring States

700 bc - 200 bc

The Emperor had little control during this period.

100 Schools of Thought

500 bc

Legalism, Confucianism, Daoism