Abby's Timeline


born and died

June 27, 1880 - June 1,1968

Helen Keller was born on June 27,1880

helen became lind and deaf

January 27,1881 - June 1,1968

When Helen was at 19 months old became blind and deaf from a terrible sickness

Teacher Anne Sullivan came

March 1,1887 - June 1,1968

Anne Sullivan stayed with Helen her whole life. She taught her many things.

Helen moves to New York

1888 - 1968

Helen move to New York and lives there her whole life

Helen goes to collage

1900 - 1904

Helen attends collage at Radcliff

speech tour

1924 - 1946

Helen showed people how important it is to respect deaf and blind people

Helen goes to Japan and other places

1937 - 1946

Helen visits Japan giving a tour. As a present they gave her a puppy

helen graduates collage

1952 - 1956

Helen graduates collage at harvard

Shrine in Helen's honor

1954 - 1968

Helen's hometown of Tuscumbia, AL, made her girl-hood home, Ivy Green, a shrine in her honor.

Metal of freedom award


Helen was awarded the Medal of Freedom by President Lyndon Johnson. She ad freedom until she died