My Timeline



Troy inhabited

3000 B.C.

Mycenae (Greece) flourishes

1600 B.C.

Mycenae dominates Aegean

1450 B.C.

Mycenae reaches its peak

1320 B.C.

Trojan War (between Troy and Mycenae)

1190 B.C.

Mycenae falls to invaders

1100 B.C.

Age of Darkness in Aegean area, Dorian and Ionian invasions stop Mycenaean group

1100 B.C. - 800 B.C.

Homer writing

750 B.C.


Sumerians divide days into 24 hours

3000 B.C.

Sumerians divide hours into 60 minutes

3000 B.C.

Pharaoh Atothis writes 1st book on human life

3000 B.C.

Sumerians divide circle into 360 degrees

3000 B.C.

Egyptians use calendar with 365 days

2773 B.C.


Crop irrigation in Egypt

5000 B.C.

Bread in Egypt

3500 B.C.

Writing, record keeping, and formal administrative organization evident in Egypt

3100 B.C.

Chariots in Mesopotamia

3000 B.C.

Sumerians use fillings in bad teeth

3000 B.C.


Aborigines in Australia paint on stone portrayal of organized warfare

9997 B.C.

Cave paintings in Spain show bows in use

9996 B.C. - 5000 B.C.

Simple bows common in northern Europe

6000 B.C.

Sargon's army of 5,300 is big for the time

2300 B.C.

Minoans overrun by mainland Greeks

1450 B.C.