The Forgotten war


James K Polk is a elected

november 1, 1844

Democratic James K Polk barely won the election against his opponent Whig Henry Clay.

U.S. and Mexico start to argue over land

march 6, 1845

This is the very beginning of the Mexican American war. They started to argue over how much land they had. Mexico wanted the land because they thought that they both had a fair amount but America wanted more because James K Polk wanted the world to be completely white skinned.

America invades Mexico

July 4, 1845

A general in the American army named Zachery Taylor leads his army into a small part of Mexico called Rio Grande. He was ordered specifically from James K Polk.

First war on Mexico

May 8,1846

This war was fought on a place in Mexico called Palo Alto, fought north of Brownsville, Texas.

First American war fought on foreign soil

May 8, 1846

This was the first American war fought on foreign soil meaning that it was the first war that was fought in a different country.

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo


This was the most glorious day between the dates of 1840 and 1850 because that was the day that Mexico agreed to give us more land. They even signed a treaty that says that they will not ever go against us in any situation with war in it.