Ancient Greek Wars and Battles


Spartans conquer southwest Peloponnese in first Messian War

730 B.C. - 710 B.C.

First Persian War: Athenians defeat Persians at Marathon

490 B.C.

Second Persian War: Persian Forces led by Xerxes destroy Athens.

480 B.C.

Greek forces won major sea battle at Salamis

477 B.C.

First of the Peloponnesian Wars begins between Sparta and Athens

461 B.C. - 446 B.C.

Second of the Peloponnesian Wars between Sparta and Athens

431 B.C. - 405 B.C.

Alexander the Great defeats Persians at Issus; given Egypt by the Persians.

333 B.C. - 332 B.C.

King Phillip V loses to Roman forces at Kynoskephalai.

197 B.C.

Roman General Sulla seizes Athens

86 B.C.

Goths ruin Athens, Sparta, and Corinth

267 A.D.

Emperor Diocletian divides Roman Empire in two, forming modern Greece

286 A.D.