The Universe (abridged)

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13699997990 bc - Present

Notional depiction of the Big Bang
Wikipedia: Big Bang
Video: Early Universal Expansion

Milky Way

8799997990 bc - Present

A spiral galaxy similar to the Milky Way. Formation of the "thin disk" of the Milky Way occurred approx. 8.8 billion years ago.
Wikipedia: Milky Way
Video: Milky Way Formation Simulation

Solar System

4899997990 bc - Present

Artists rendition of the early solar system while planetary formation was still ongoing
Wikipedia: Solar System
Video: Solar System Formation


4499997990 bc - Present

Recent image of Earth. Approx. 4.5 billion years ago the Earth's atmospheric composition and geography were significantly different.
Wikipedia: Earth
Video: Formation of Earth

Simple Cells

3799997990 bc - Present

Simple cell with layer separating the internal and external environments
Wikipedia: Abiogenesis
Video: Abiogenesis


2999997990 bc - Present

Photosynthetic algae. Photosynthesis granted access to solar energy, greatly increased the Earth's biomass, and oxygenated the early atmosphere.
Wikipedia: Photosynthesis
Video: Volvox

Complex Cells

1999997990 bc - Present

A complex cell (protozoa) with internal organelles and flagella.
Wikipedia: Eukaryotic organisms
Video: Flagellate

Multicellular Life

999997990 bc - Present

Simple multicellular organism
Wikipedia: Multicellular Organisms

Simple Animals

599997990 bc - Present

A simple sedentary animal, the sea sponge.
Wikipedia: Animals
Video: Sea Mounts


569997990 bc - Present

While this trilobite is extinct, its successors are still prolific creatures in both aquatic and terrestrial environments.
Wikipedia: Arthropods
Video: Small Marine Arthropods with great music

Complex Animals

549997990 bc - Present

A nautilus, which uses jets of water to propel itself
See "Animals"
Video: Amazing Invisible Octopus

Fish / Proto-amphibians

499997990 bc - Present

A frilled shark. Sharks have existed in the World's ocean for over 400 million years.
Wikipedia: Fish
Video: Shark vs. Octopus

Land Plants

474997990 bc - Present

Ferns were among the first land plants
Wikipedia: Land plants

Insects / Seeds

399997990 bc - Present

A relatively primitive insect, the Firebrat prefers warm climates
Wikipedia: Insects
Video: Rhinoceros Beetle


359997990 bc - Present

This Japanese Giant Salamander has changed little in the past 20 million years.
Wikipedia: Amphibians
Video: Japanese Giant Salamander


299997990 bc - Present

Among the oldest living reptiles, crocodiles are well adapted to their native semi-aquatic environments
Wikipedia: Reptiles
Video: Here Be Dragons


199997990 bc - Present

While this elephant shrew is a modern mammal, it is similar in appearance to the earliest mammal ancestor.
Wikipedia: Mammals
Article: Mammalian Ancestor
Video: Blue Planet - Blue Whale


129997990 bc - Present

The evolution of flowers improved the sexual reproductive capacity of many plant species
Wikipedia: Flowers


64997990 bc - Present

Rendition of an early insectivore believed to be one of the first primates.
Wikipedia: Primate evolution
Video: Early Primate


7997990 bc - Present


2497990 bc - Present


197990 bc - Present

Agriculture / Civilization

10000 bc - Present


1860 - Present

Digital Computing

1942 - Present

Nuclear Power

dec 1942 - Present

Image of a nuclear power plant cooling tower. Chicago Pile-1 achieved criticality on December 2, 1942 and was the first sustained nuclear reaction. This work became part of the Manhattan Project.
Wikipedia: Nuclear Power
Video: Nuclear Reactor Lab


oct 1969 - Present

Map of the modern internet. The ARPANet first went live in October 1969, with communications between the University of California in Los Angeles and the Stanford Research Institute.
Wikipedia: Internet
Video: History of The Internet
Website: Map of The Internet

Genetic Engineering

1973 - Present

The first viable genetically modified organism, an E. coli bacterium expressing an exogenic Salmonella gene, was created in 1973.
Wikipedia: Genetically Modified Organism
Video: Gene Splicing