Victoria Marie Amzi

Vampire the Req character. NY-004 Cam # US2012060022



07/14/1851 - 07/15/1851

Born in Leeds, England to Robert Amzi and Mary Amzi. Has 2 older sisters. One younger brother born later.

Younger Brother born

11/17/1856 - 11/18/1856

Joseph Amzi

Night Victoria was turned

08/23/1877 - 08/24/1877

Victoria was kidnapped after a meeting and then turned

Leaves nest and moves to London

10/25/1884 - 10/27/1884

She moves to London,England getting a job as Barkeep. She takes residense in the apartment above the pub. Primarily preys on the lonely gentle folk who get a bit too drunk.

Moves to Paris France

12/15/1894 - 12/16/1894

Buys a small apartment. She starts to work art shows, collecting different piece and selling them for a higher price. She also began collecting wooden furnature arund this time.

Changes first man

01/27/1898 - 1/28/1898

Changes her first "son" Otto Léglise. A 25 year old painter born and raised in Paris, France.

Changes second

4/12/1905 - 4/13/1905

Changes her second "son" Louis De Gruelle. A 23 year old sculptor born in southern France, trying to sell his art in Paris.

Changes third man

5/30/1915 - 6/1/1915

Changes her third "son" Amaury Leroux. Painter, born in eastern France. Was trying to live his dream in Paris.

Moves to New York City


Bought a building in brooklyn, Uses lower half for an Art and Antiques shop, the upstairs is an Apartment for her and "her children". Traveled over on large charter ship.

Stock Market Crashes


Black Thursday;
Impacted her by folks not being interested in buying antiques or art. She began buying furnature from people and giving out loans to collect them back with interest.

Locations Living in

Leeds, England

07/14/1851 - 10/26/1884

Born, raised, and turned in Leeds, England.

London, England

10/27/1884 - 12/14/1894

Time lived in London, England

Paris, France

12/15/1894 - 12/30/1924

Living in Paris France

New York City, NY United States

12/31/1924 - 02/29/2024

Lives and owns a building in Brooklyn.

Major City Wide events

The Great depression

10/29/1929 - 12/30/1941

The Great Depression