Movie Production Timeline


-$5363 (Concept total) $50,000.00 (To acquire from Kick Starter)

Obtain a lawyer

05/01/2013 - 05/13/2013

Seek counsel to assist with the legal aspect for film.

-$5,000 (retainer fee)

Watch documentaries to study film styles

05/13/2013 - 06/13/2013

Spend a month watching documentaries on Netflix.

-$8 for a monthly subscription.

Collect pictures of myself

05/13/2013 - 06/13/2013

Between parents, brother and aunts/uncles to acquire pictures of myself.

No payment needed.

Write a script

06/14/2013 - 03/13/2014

This process will include a treatment, two rewrites and a final draft.

No payment needed. I will do treatment, rewrites and final edit myself.

Storyboard idea

03/15/2014 - 05/13/2014

Storyboard the script to get an idea of how scenes would be shot.

-$300 (Pay artist $15 for 20 hours).

Pay artist -$200 (3/15/14) to secure time.
-$100 (5/13/14) after the storyboards are done.

Register/copyright script

05/14/2014 - 07/14/2014

Register work with Writer's Guild of America as well as have work copy written with the Library of Congress.

-$20 Writer’s Guild of America
-$35 Library of Congress

Secure finances for film

07/15/2014 - 09/15/2014

Complete a list of everything I need to get an overall breakdown of total dollars needed. If I do not have the entire fund myself, obtain money from relatives or platform funding.

$50,000 (trying to acquire from Kick Starter) 8/15/14 to 9/15/14
Kick Starter would be a 30-day run on their site. With the monies receive will used towards the rental of cameras and equipment. If there were any money left, I would use funds toward down payment of music producer and videographer.

Finalize Budget/Script

09/17/2014 - 09/30/2014

Complete all conceptual ideas before proceeding to preproduction.

No payment needed.



Interview family and friends

09/30/2014 - 12/01/2014

Interview family, friends, former classmates and co-workers about stories they have about myself.

No payment needed.

Seek assistance from videographer/editor/music producer

10/01/2014 - 12/01/2014

-$2,000 for videographer. -$1,250 (10/01/14) to secure videographer.
$0 for editor, doing own edit.
-$13,000 for music producer. -$10,000 (10/01/14) to secure producer.

Secure cameras

12/02/2014 - 12/30/2014

Rent all cameras (video & digital) needed from

$38,256 (16 Weekends-every other weekend for 8 month period)

Secure extra equipment (lights, lenses, car rigs)

12/04/2014 - 12/30/2014

Rent all needed equipment from

$2,320 (16 Weekends-every other weekend for 8 month period)

Complete all release forms

12/05/2014 - 12/31/2014

Counsel and myself make sure all need forms are completed prior to filming.

No payment needed (included in retainer fee).


-$13,274.56 (Production total)

Film Movie

01/02/2015 - 09/30/2015

Filming would include:

Traveling to several locations to shoot.

Record a time lapse of a sunrise and sunset from Lake Michigan.
Recording with camera rigs on car.
Record myself.

Travel (16 Weekends-every other weekend for 8 month period)

Hotel -$276 (3 night stay – Hyatt Family Discount) -$4,416 total
Rental Car -$153.66 (Enterprise) -$2.458.56 total
Gas - $175 (Speedway) -$2,800 total
Food - $150 (Free breakfast, fast food lunch & sit down dinner) -$2,400 total
Misc. - $75 (toiletries, anything last minute) -$1,200 total

No camera/equipment payment needed (the cameras and equipment was pre-order and paid for ahead of time)


-$86,742 (Post-Production total)

Video transfer

10/01/2015 - 10/10/2015

-$2,637 (Purchasing a Quad-Core Mac Pro to transfer and editing film)

Music & Graphic selection

10/12/2015 - 10/16/2015

Select music (obtain permission) and any graphics needed (based off of storyboards) to add to film.

Videographer -$750 (10/12/14) final payment
Music producer -$3,000 (10/12/15) final payment

Edit film

10/16/2015 - 02/16/2016

Editing would require 3 phases:
Rough Draft
Removing of unnecessary footage
Final Draft

No payment needed (will do own editing).

Add Music & Graphics

02/17/2016 - 02/28/2016

Apply the music and graphics (based off of storyboards)

No payment needed

Save footage and film to multiple hard drives

02/28/2016 - 03/01/2016

Save film to one hard drive for backup and one to send off for mastering.

-$260 (Two-3TB Hard Drives)

Master film

03/01/2016 - 03/13/2016

Send film off to be mastered. Roush Media can finish in as little as a day but I will give them 12 days.


Small viewing party

03/18/2016 - 03/19/2016

Allow a small group to view movie to give feedback.

-$600 (Rent out a theater at Hollywood Palms)


03/20/2016 - 04/20/2016


-$40,000 ($8,000 per billboards, 4 week period – Chicago, New York, Minnesota, Atlanta & Los Angeles) Place signs by major expressway.

-$20,000 ($2,000 for two banners per mall, 4 week period – Chicago (Woodfield Mall), New York (The Shops at Columbia Circle), Minnesota (Mall of America), Atlanta (Lenox Square Mall) & Los Angeles (The Grove) A link to website on banner.

-$10,000 ($1,000 to pay web designer & $9,000 to run site) the website will connect to Facebook page for movie. The website will also having a mail listing so I can keep the masses informed of what I am do. The site will also connect to the Kick Starter page.

-$8,000 Flood the five marketing cities with flyers of a blurred picture of myself stating “What is a Popular Nobody?” with a link to the website. I would design the flyers myself then have work printed -$5,500 (3/20/16). Receive back 3000 prints (3/27/16) and pass out 600 prints in the five different cities (one day in each city besides Chicago) -$2,500 in travel marketing expenses.

$0 – Setting up a Facebook page about the movie.

Submit film to festivals

04/22/2016 - 05/15/2016

Submit movie to enter film festivals.

-$45 submission for Naperville Film Festival
-$100 submission to Tribeca Film Festival

-$100 submission to San Francisco International Film Festival

Pitch movie

07/01/2016 - 12/30/2016

Pitch movie to major film companies for distribution.

-$250 (mail copyright film or travel to the company’s head quarters is need be)

Grand Total

-$160,955.56 (Grand Total without Kick Starter) -$110,955.56 (Grand Total with Kick Starter)