Cold War


Yalta Conference

February 4, 1945 - February 11, 1945

World War II meeting by head of the allies to decide what needed to be done after the end of the war.

VE Day

May 8, 1945

Victory in Europe Day to celebrate the day Allied accepted the surrender of armed forces of Nazi Germany

Postdam Conference

July 17, 1945 - August 2, 1945

When the allies gathered to figure out how to punish Nazi Germany for their war crimes.

VJ Day

August 15, 1945

Victory over Japan Day, to celebrate the day Japan surrendered.

Marshall Plan Announced

June 5, 1947

American program to give Europe economic support.

HUAC Investigates Communism in Hollywood

October 1947

The House Un-American Activities Committee investigates Communist activity in Hollywood.

Hollywood Blacklist

November 25, 1947 - 1957

When a list of screenwriters, actors, directors, musicians, and others were blacklisted on the belief that they were harboring Communist sympathy.

Berlin Blockade

June 24, 1948 - May 12, 1949

When the Soviet Union blocked the Western Allies' railway, road, and canal access to parts of Berlin under Allied power.

Soviet Explode First Bomb

August 29, 1949

At a remote test site, the USSR detonate its first atomic bomb.

Mao Zedong Takes Control of China

October 1, 1949

China's communist party successfully assume power over China.

Joe McCarthy Begins Communist Witch Hunt

1950 - 1956

When Joe McCarthy began prosecuting potential communists without truly knowing if they were communists.

Korean War

June 25, 1950 - July 27, 1953

War between the Republic of Korea (South Korea) and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea).

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg Convicted for Espionage

March 6, 1951 - April 5, 1951

The two are convicted and executed for passing atomic secrets to the Soviet Union.

Vietnam War

November 1, 1955 - April 30, 1975

A war in Vietnam, Lao, and Cambodia that occurred over the U.S.'s attempt to halt communist takeover in South Vietnam.

John F. Kennedy Elected as President

January 20, 1961 - November 22, 1963

When presidential candidate John F. Kennedy was inaugurated into office.

Berlin Wall Rises

August 13, 1961

Physical division between West Berlin and East Germany

Cuban Missile Crisis

October 14, 1962 - October 28, 1962

13-day confrontation between Soviet Union/Cuba and the United States. The closest turning point to a nuclear conflict and the first documented instance of the threat of M.A.D.

Apollo 11 Lands on the Moon

July 20, 1969

A monumental moment in American History, and also a day that put America in the lead for the Space Race.

Berlin Wall Falls

November 9, 1989

The Berlin Wall is demolished.

End of the Cold War


The Soviet Union falls and the Cold War is ended.