Chapter 27

Timeline AP Euro Mr. Weakland


Rasputin's lifetime

1869 - 1916

Would lead Russia for a short time, and make great changes. Later murdered.

Leon Trotsky's lifetime

1879 - 1940

led the Red Army and would be Lennin's choice of next leader, although Stalin won leadership.

First Balkan War

1912 - 1913

War between Ottoman Empire and Balkan region. As a result the Ottomans lost, and their remaining territories were partitioned amongst the allies. The Ottoman Empire was diminished.

World War I

1914 - 1918

The first World War caused by assassination, militarization, alliances, nationalism, and imperialism. The French, British, and Americans (Allies) won. The war reparations would leave Germany in shambles and would not be paid until the 21st century. The US would aide Germany.

War Raw Materials Board


Helped the War effort. Came together under Walter Ratheneau.

Assassination of Franz Ferdinand


This will lead to a war between the Serbians and Austria-Hungary, which would be a large cause of WWI.

Sinking of Lusitania


Unrestricted Submarine warfare in the Atlantic was another cause of Americans jumping in the war and ending neutrality. Lusitania sinking killed hundred of citizens from America and Europe.

Rasputin Murdered


Ended Rasputin's reign, he seemed invincible when murdered. brought a new government to Russia.

German War Effort


All males between 17 and 60 were required by law to work for the war effort. This would help the Germans in WWI to fight, and pay reparations.

lloyd George becomes prime minister of Britain

December 1916

Established the Ministry of Munitions in Great Britain.

Bread Riots


Bread Riots in Petrograd led to reduced prices and equality.

US declares war on Germany


This would lead to the Americans getting into World War I. Caused by Zimmerman note.

Russian Revolution


Would lead to a huge Russian government reform. Leads to Communism, later on. The Revolution between the Red and White army, would put Leon Trotsky as leader.

Tsar Nicholaus abdicates


Nicholaus abdicates without protest, leaving Russia without leader. Then, Lenin takes place.

Lenin returns from exile


Influences Russian government, Lenin takes control. Turns to communism.

Constituent Assembly disbanded


Disbanded by Lenin in Russia.

Draft in Russia re-established


As war commissar, Trotsky re-establishes the draft in Russia, and the most dramatic discipline for Red Army was brought up. Disobedience meant getting shot.

Treaty of Breast-Litovsk.


Russia loses one third of population.

Armistice is signed

November 11, 1918

This ends World War I for good.

US Government rejects Treaty of Versailles

1919 - 1920

This shows how the United States had a different viewpoint that its European allies, and felt a little bit of sympathy towards the Germans.

Western Peoples get sick of war


Treaty of Versailles


Led to all blame being on Germany. War reparations were to be paid by Germany. Thought to be cause of World War II. Germany was treated unfairly. Would play a part in end of WWI, with the armistice.