Troy Project


Hieroglyphic writing in Egypt

3200 B.C

Egyptains use calender with 365 days

2773 B.C

Egypt's first pyramid, at Saqqara, by Pharaoh Djoser

2630 B.C

Babylonians have multiplication tables

1800 B.C

Sundials in Egypt

1500 B.C.

Hittites first employ iron for weapons

1300 B.C.


Wheels in Mesopotamia

4000 B.C

Pharaoh Atothis writes the first book on human body.

3000 B.C

Egyptians performing surgery, and some patients live

2500 B.C

Papyrus in Egypt

2400 B.C

Chinese record sighting of Comet

2296 B.C

Sundials in Egypt

1500 B.C


Simple bows common in northern Europe

6000 B.C

Bronze tools common in Middle East

3000 B.C

Chariots in Mesopotamia

3000 B.C

Sumer has fully articulated the first standing army

2700 B.C

Battering Ram developed..

2500 B.C

Sargon, the Great, is the first military dicactor

2300 B.C


Troy inhabited

3000 B.C

Mycenea (Greece) Flourishes

1600 BC

Mycenae dominates Aegean

1450 B.C.

Mycenae reaches its peak

1320 B.C.

Trojan War (between Troy and Mycenae)

1190 B.C.

Mycenae falls to invaders

1100 B.C.

Age of Darkness in Aegean area

1100 B.C

Homer writing

750 B.C.

Rasmus II has total army of 100,000 and ends at 1224