Chapter 30



1945 - 1969

This was the process where countries were gradually losing their colonies. Since WWII had just ended they put more focus into rebuilding then in colonizing. France fought to keep their colonies and great Britain established a mutually beneficial aggreement.

Marshall Plan


This was the American economic plan that promised to give aid to any European nation that wanted it. It mostly went to noncommunist nations but it was also used to prevent the spread of communism into countries like Greece and Turkey.

Truman Doctrine


This was the American policy that called for the containment of communism in the countries. It recognized that it could not push comunism out but that it would prevent it from spreading.

Formation of NATO


This is also known as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and it was primarily developed as a defensive pact against communism. The communists countered by later forming the warsaw pact.

Korean War

1950 - 1953

This was one of many wars that America became involved with in order to prevent the spread of communism. With the intent of helping the capitalist south, they fought the Russian backed north koreans.


1953 - 1964

This was the policy after Stalin under Kruschev where he led the government and society to rid the memory of Stalin. He sought after a peaceful compromise with capitalist but was often irrational in policy such as the Berlin wall.

Common Market


This was the first attempt that tried to make one European market to trade in. It promoted no tariffs and easy transportation to other countries. It had the intent of eventual political unity.

Cuban Missile Crisis


This was the peak of the cold war where Kruschev sent atomic missiles to Cuba to be built. This threatened American security and America countered with a blockade. The missiles never arrived but it was the closest point to actual war.


1964 - 1973

This was another waring struggling to prevent the spread of communism in south Vietnam. American troops were able to push into North Vietnam until the Chinese got involved. A stalemate lasted for a long time and a large anti-war movement spread in America.



This was the scandal during president Nixon's office where he was forced to resign as president. It showed American weakness and possible diminished our power during the cold war.

Margaret Thatcher


She was the prime minister of Great Britain that helped the economy in many ways like making property ownership more accessible.