Ancient Egyptian Timeline


Ancient Egypt Time Frame

3100 BC - 100 BC

Upper and Lower Egypt Unite

3100 BC

King Menes is the first Pharaoh of the united Egypt.

Old Kingdom Time Frame

2750 BC - 2160 BC

This was the time that Ancient Egypt was most successful, due to the Pyramids being made and the the Potter's wheel invented.

Great Pyramid at Giza built

2550 BC

The Great Pyramid at Giza (built around 2550 BC) was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world

Sphinx of Giza

2530 BC

The Sphinx is known as a guardian.

A war occurs to determine the leader of Egypt.

2160 BC - 2040 BC

Middle Kingdom

2040 BC - 1780 BC

The Hymn of the nile was written.

2040 BC

It was written some time in the middle kingdom.

The Hyksos people invade Pella.

1780 BC

The Hyksos people invade Pella, causing a debate about who should rule over Egypt

New Kingdom

1570 BC - 1080 BC

A new Pharaoh rules Egypt [Ahmose of Thebes]. Egypt is at ints strongest time, due to stunning temples and colossal stautues being built.

Hatshepsut was in power

1501 BC - 1483 BC

She was one of the few female Pharaohs who fought for power.

Tutankhamen's death

1344 BC

Tutankhamen who was only 18 when he died.

Pharaoh Remeses II was in power

1279 BC - 1212 BC

Rameses II ruled during 1279 BC to 1212 BC

Egypt is invaded by the Persians

1080 BC - 332 BC

This is a time of great Confusion.

Egyptians started to use money.

330 BC

Egyptians started to use money around 330 BC.